Weight loss transformation: Here’s how yogini Juhi Kapoor lost 35 kg with yoga

If you are seeking some weight loss inspiration, check out some secrets of yoga teacher Juhi Kapoor who lost 35 kg with yoga. Learn more about her weight loss transformation right here!
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Here's how yogini Juhi Kapoor lost 35 kg with yoga. Image courtesy: Instagram/theyoginiworld
Arushi Bidhuri Published: 23 May 2023, 14:07 pm IST
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Weight loss can needs time, dedication and focus! On your journey to fat loss, if you’re not focused enough, you might give up on the whole thing the moment you hit a wall. The fact that it is harder to lose weight for women isn’t exactly the motivation you need. This is when you seek inspiration from women who have persevered long enough to achieve their weight-loss goals. Yoga teacher Juhi Kapoor is one such woman who lost a whopping 35 kg of weight with yoga.

Popularly known by her social media handle ‘Yogini World’ on Instagram, Kapoor is a yoga teacher who recently shared her journey and what helped her shed the extra kilos.

How did the weight loss transformation begin for yoga teacher Juhi Kapoor?

“I will start from Monday.” “I want to lose weight, but don’t know where to start?” “Just one more bite of this delicious dish, then I will stop.” These are thoughts that cross all our minds before we begin our weight loss journey and Kapoor’s journey is no different.

Stuck in a 9-6 corporate job in a banking and financial services firm, Kapoor hit 94 kg due to her busy routine and hectic travel schedule. The job left her with no time for herself. From body shaming to making excuses, Juhi had been through it all before she finally began her weight loss journey. “I was tired of my own false promises – to start from this Monday, to start from next Monday and so on… but I failed myself every day – on some days by eating out too much, on some days crying, one some days waking up late, on some days not hitting the gym,” she wrote in one of her Instagram posts.

After several excuses and constant procrastination, Kapoor felt tired and finally began her journey to be fit. “I was tired. I wasn’t aware of the right method to lose weight. But that’s when YOGA happened,” she shared.

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Weight loss transformation
How yoga helped yogini Juhi Kapoor lose weight. Image courtesy: Instagram/theyoginiworld

Yoga se hoga: Juhi Kapoor’s mantra behind her weight loss transformation

Yoga is touted as one of the best ways to lose weight and keep your overall health in check. Not just physical health, yoga also helps improve your mental and emotional health as well. Studies have found that practising yoga can have a positive effect on your health. A study published in the journal PLOS ONE found that yoga improves physical and cognitive health, necessary to lose weight.

Believing in the power of yoga, Kapoor set out on her journey to weight loss – and how! Yoga not only helped her change physically but also mentally and spiritually but that didn’t happen overnight. She changed her lifestyle in a structured way where she let self-control take the front seat. What kept her motivated on the journey to weight loss were the small changes she noticed within herself. She developed stronger determination, reduced negative thinking, got better at decision-making, and felt closer to nature than ever. All this combined helped her go from 94 kg to 59 kg. Her weight loss journey is not only inspirational, but helps to understand that with determination, willpower, and hard work – anything is possible.

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How did she achieve fat loss?

In a recent post, the yoga teacher revealed the fat loss secrets that helped her become the person she is today. Having said that, let’s sneak a peek into her weight loss journey.

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1. Physical activity

For Kapoor, yoga was it once she started her weight loss journey. While yoga is great for weight loss, you can choose any physical activity you think would work for you. Whether you like to go to the gym, practise suryanamaskar, run, jog, strength training, you have to do some sort of physical activity that will help you kickstart your journey.

yoga for weight loss
Physical activity is a must to lose weight. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

2. Kriyas

Kriya refers to a collection of actions, primarily exercises and breath control done in order to get certain results. The yoga teacher practised Kapalbhati and Jal Neti to “usher positivity, improve metabolism, and help in internal cleansing,” she writes.

3. Satvik eating

The key to losing weight is eating right. Satvik eating teaches you to eat light and healthy food. This Ayurvedic practise includes foods that are fresh, nutritional, and vegetarian that help boost vitality, happiness, calmness, and mental clarity. So, eating homemade meals is extremely important and you should be able to feel content with the simple options.

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4. Art of self control

One of the biggest challenges you face during weight loss is giving up on your favourite junk food. Even the yoga instructor ate chocolates and pastries at night with no control over her cravings. That’s when she taught herself the concept of Tapa or self control. “I learnt to control my addictions and binge eating through the simple practice of pranayama and mudra.”

tips to lose weight
Self control is key to losing weight. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Never lose hope

In every weight-loss journey comes a point where you feel you can’t continue and feel like giving up. The best thing you can do to bounce back from the negativity is to have faith, says Kapoor. She meditated to feel stronger and not lose hope during her weight loss journey. “This concept was also a gift from Yoga – Ishwarpranidhan (leave everything on God).”

Yoga helped yoga teacher Juhi Kapoor lose weight not hope. She calls it a physical practice that is mental, spiritual, and psychological.

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