Quarantine Diaries: These past few days have me made realise that I am not alone

Eight days in, being quarantined and isolated is starting to get a little much for Shipra. Here is what is keeping her going.
When self-quarantine becomes overwhelming for Shipra.
Shipra Yadav Updated: 10 May 2021, 23:48 pm IST
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Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday…  It’s my eighth day in self-isolation, and friends-it feels like a hundred days already.

Self-isolation isn’t a fun getaway anymore
Yeah! Self-isolation especially when you’re confined to a single room is not easy. I started out all excited. Oh my God, no contact from anyone. I will just chill. I’ll work from home, shanti se. I will read books, listen to music while I’m doing all of that. But you know, it’s slowly getting to me.

I was feeling very anxious. Over the weekend,I called up my friends, I was chatting with them and they were cheering me up. I was like, you know what? It’s nice, but you miss the personal contact. You miss the human touch. You want to go out. 

I dearly miss the little nuances of my daily life
I want to feel the wind in my face. I want to go out for a run. I want to meet my friends. I want to do so many things and I want to go to work. Can you imagine? Mera office janey ka man kar raha hai! Imagine…

This has also become a time of introspection for me
You know that I have been trying to stick to a schedule and stay fit, indulge in self-care, and eat right. But I have also been doing self-introspection. I realised that after the nation-wide applause at 5 PM on Sunday, I was filled with positivity.

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I was thinking of all the things that I’ve been reading up on the internet. You know, there’s so much negativity on the internet and people are scared. But when on Sunday at five o’clock I heard people clapping and clanking their utensils, showing solidarity towards healthcare professionals–that was just magical. 

You know, there was a surge of feelings within me. It was so overwhelming. It was so beautiful. I can’t even begin to explain to you how I felt… like I had the entire nation with me! At that moment, I felt so brave. It got me thinking of this prayer at school that we used to sing during assembly time. “Humko man ki shakti dena, man vijay karey. Dusro ki jai se pehle, Khud ki jai karey”. It’s so relevant right now.

We just have to show support to each other. We have to believe in ourselves and we have to fight this together. It’s just so beautiful that all of us are in this together and we are fighting it out and we are in self- isolation. 

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While self-isolation is challenging, it’s essential
We have to really support the government and all the efforts it’s taking to make sure that we are safe and healthy. So, while self- isolation and social distancing can be a bit challenging-it is the need of the hour.

I’m doing my bit as a responsible citizen. And even though it sucks for me, I feel anxious at times, but I know that I must do this. I feel a lot of gratitude and I’m very thankful for all my friends and family who are supporting me. So all this anxiety, all this fear, and nervousness, it’s very short term. It’s only temporary. It comes and goes because I have all the love and support of everyone around me.

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