Quarantine Diaries: Self-isolation gave me the chance to truly relax this past weekend

There is hardly anything good about self-isolation, especially as the country goes into lockdown. But being cooped up in her room over the weekend also means thorough unwinding for Shipra.
This is how Shipra is unwinding a hectic week at home during her self-quarantine.
Shipra Yadav Published: 23 Mar 2020, 14:01 pm IST
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So, yesterday was day six for me in self-isolation and it was the weekend–which, needless to say, I was very excited about. Chill kara maine sirf kal! No work from home. No kaam. Only aaram!

What do my quarantine mornings look like?
My mornings start by my window every day. This is where I have my tea. I have some potted flowering plants growing outside my window and I like to spend some time with them each morning. So, if you guys are locked up inside too, you can go out to the balcony or your terrace. 

My gal pals motivate me
Being in self-isolation is a little stressful and boring. I must admit, it’s not easy when you’re confined to a single room. So self-care is even more important for me. But I’m reading books, I’m listening to music, I’m eating healthy! Most importantly though, I’m staying connected with my friends. 

I have a bunch of loving friends who keep calling me, making sure that I’m okay and don’t feel lonely. A big shout out to all my friends who are showing me so much, love. Thank you guys. I love you all.

coronavirus prevention
When it comes to coronavirus it’s better to be safe than sorry. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

I am also learning hula hoop to pass the time
I bought this hula hoop last year and I haven’t really gotten around to learning it. So I’m hoping that during this self-isolation period, I can put this to use. It’s a good exercise after all and by now you guys know how important being active is to me.

Here’s how I unwinded during my first quarantined weekend
So, I unwinded with a book, listened to some music, indulged in aromatherapy, and put my feet up and enjoyed the weekend.

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I hope you guys are having fun wherever you are and making the most of this self-isolation and social distancing period. Do tell me in the comments below what you guys are doing to keep yourself entertained and make this whole thing less stressful. 

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