Quarantine Diaries: I stumbled out of self-isolation and into a 21-day lockdown!

Updated on:26 March 2020, 19:44pm IST
As India enters a 21-day lockdown, Shipra is preparing to come out of self-isolation. This is the final chapter of quarantine diaries!
Shipra Yadav
While Shipra’s quarantine was about to get over, India is under lockdown. Here’s how she plans to spend the next 21 days of positivity.

So a 21-day lockdown for all of us is here in India. Exciting news huh? Yahan mein soch rahi thi ki my self-isolation will be over in a few days and I’ll be able to head out, but it looks like it will be a little bit longer for both you and I.

How can you and I make it a 21-day-positivity lockdown?
I’m trying to be as positive as possible. I showed you guys how I’m working out from home. I’m eating healthy, I’m reading books, listening to music, dancing, and calling all my friends. I’m doing everything possible that will keep me sane and keep me motivated. I hope you guys are doing the same. 

So, let’s make this a 21-day-positivity lockdown. How about that? You know, learn a new hobby. Pick up the guitar that’s been catching dust for so many years. Learn to play some music. Let’s do something fun and exciting! And you know, one of the things that I’m also doing in addition to all this is that I am making a long list of things that I intend to do once I’m out of this lockdown. 

What’s my plan of action post-lockdown?
So number one thing is I’ll go for a run. Yes! How about a half marathon? Uhm thoda zyada ho jayega! Okay. I’ll just go for five kilometers. So I’ll go for a run and I have my favorite ice cream.

What else? Of course, I’m going to meet all my crazy friends. They’ve been driving me crazy on the phone every single day. They’ve been video conferencing me all the time. I love you guys, But now I’m getting irritated. I’m also excited about going back to work. Oh my god, yes! I want to go back to work. I want to meet all my colleagues. Yes, I miss you guys. I can’t believe I’m saying this.

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Here’s my prayer of hope during this testing times
I hope this lockdown is fun. It’s not full of anxiety for you guys and you’re able to support each other and let’s be there for each other. Let’s help each other out. Why don’t you call up some friends whom you’ve never spoken to, call up someone whom you want to reach out to, and talk about the good old times. Help each other!

Help out your elderly neighbours! So let’s do our bit for each other? Let’s stay positive, because guess what-we can do this!

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  1. Turn the lockdown into blessing in disguise for you
    You may have stress or trouble coping with unprecedented crisis of lockdown loneliness. Every crisis, however, comes with a hidden opportunity. The lockdown too, as I see, has come with an opportunity or blessing in disguise. It might seem an odd time to raise the positives of lockdown, but one can’t easily ignore the rare opportunity that has emerged for individuals out of lockdown. The ten opportunities given below may not only boost morale, happiness, mental health and wellbeing during lockdown; but can also lead you to personal transformation.
    1. The transmitted fear of death, social distancing advisory and a perforce homestay offers you opportunity to develop trust, mutual respect and love with family members.
    2. Pondering over the role of pranayama, meditation, spirituality, and work-life balance; you can grab the opportunity of attaining life goals, including personal transformation.
    3. You can restore the missed-out joy of having meals together, the family time, exchanging pleasantries, sharing laughter, and forgotten feeling of ‘together is better’.
    4. You can carry out a holistic fitness programs like yoga, pranayama, meditation etc. as lockdown has provided you enough free time and pulled down the high pollution level.
    5. Realizing that cleanliness, holistic health affects lung/immunity power to fight virus, you can develop good habits for cleanliness, sanitation, personal hygiene in daily life.
    6. You can control your shopping maniac, showmanship, and not to be satisfied greed.
    7. By training the mind, emotions and the cognitive attitude, lockdown offers you a chance to develop self-respect for being conscientious, law abiding and responsible citizens.
    8. Regularly practicing pranayama (life-current exercises) can work as a great preventive wonder by powering the immune system and helping you cope with lung infection.
    9. You can benefit from therapeutic potential of pranayama also in balancing the extreme situations of inactivity and hyperactivity either leading to diabetes or blood pressure ill.
    10. Lockdown enables a self-realization of our mother-nature that tells us we all are equal and same human beings. Nevertheless, in the rat race of amassing wealth and under the influence of modernity, we have forgotten the holistic way to prosperity and the cultural heritage, which always respected nature as God.

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