Quarantine Diaries: My mom’s cooking and dad’s sense of humour are keeping me going

With each passing day living in self-isolation gets tougher. But with her family’s support and mother’s cooking, Shipra is holding up wonderfully.
Come, check in on Shipra as she counts down to the days she can get out of self-quarantine.
Shipra Yadav Published: 22 Mar 2020, 07:33 am IST
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So, welcome back to my quarantine diaries! I know I sound too peppy for somebody who’s in self isolation, but it’s going well so far for me.

Work is usual. In fact, I would say more than usual. People might say that working from home is chill–but actually, it’s more hectic because you are on the phone all the time and you spend more hours working unconsciously. You don’t realize that you start your day earlier and end your day later than you probably would when you are at work.

But I’m making sure that I’m keeping myself motivated. I’m staying in touch with my friends and I’m staying active. I am exercising and doing whatever best I can do to keep myself sane, cheerful, and positive.

Self-isolation has its delicious perks too
So one of the advantages of working from home in self isolation is that I’m getting to eat ghar ka khana. So I used to take a really big food bag to work with my snacks, my salads, lunch, and everything.

My mom is so sweet, she knocks at my door and leaves the lunch or snacks for me outside. She’s making sure that I’m being pampered and am well fed. The fact I am eating healthy ghar ka khana is very comforting and my mom makes sure shes comes up with new dishes for me.

The real challenge is having zero physical contact with family
So I’m quite enjoying this room service. But I do feel terrible for my parents because they can see me, but I’m not really able to contribute at home. I feel a bit guilty about that.

There are times when I have my morning tea with my dad on WhatsApp video calls. He assures me it’s okay… he’s being very funny about it! He messages me in the morning, say good morning from room service! So, that’s damn sweet.

This is what my ghar ka room service is like:


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#QuarantineDiaries Part 3 It’s been quite a while for Shipra in self isolation. She’s staying positive and making sure that her health is not compromised. She’s also getting a special room service by her dear mom during the #Quarantinelife times! Watch to know her story. #COVID19 #Coronavirus #healthshots

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I also ensure I keep myself hydrated
One thing that is very important for me is to keep myself hydrated. Initially I was spending hours in front of my laptop. I used to keep working without realising that I am not drinking any water. So now I keep my bottle handy and ensure that I have a minimum of 10 glasses of water every day.

Chomping on tasty treats is essential
I also have snacks on a regular basis. So I have roasted channa, fruits, protein bars, cookies, and chocolates–thoda bohot chalta hai yaar, because har ek cheat day zaroori hota hai!

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