Quarantine Diaries: Being in self-isolation doesn’t mean that you cheat on your workouts

Published on:21 March 2020, 09:27am IST
As many of us move towards self-isolation and facilities around us shut up, it is becoming important to take care of our health by being active.
Shipra Yadav
Why to quit your fitness regime if you are self-quarantined? See how Shipra is managing to stay fit.

So it’s been a couple of days for me in self-isolation now and frankly speaking, it’s not so bad. I’m trying to keep myself motivated and active. I don’t have a big room, but this space is sufficient for me to do some basic exercises. I don’t know how you guys are coping and how you’re keeping yourself fit. But do share your stories and videos with me!

So, how do I transform my room into a little gym?
There’s enough space for me to do basic workouts and I have some equipment as well that I can put to good use. And so, yeah, let’s begin. Let me give you a quick tour of my little gym. It’s not that fancy, but it’s good enough for me. I have dumbbells, ankle weights, step-up, and a very heavy kettlebell. Also, I put my yoga mat to good use for many exercises. Now, let me show you how I work out:

Meditation is lifting weights for the mind
My favourite exercise is meditation–which is exercise for the mind. I think it’s very important-as important as physically working out my body

So guys that was a sneak peek into my workout routine from home. It’s not very elaborate but it’s better than doing nothing and just, uh, feeling guilty about not going to the gym. So I hope you guys are keeping active and walking around the house and doing whatever you can to stay healthy and fit. 


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