On Menstrual Hygiene Day, influencer Dolly Singh talks about overcoming period problems

Dolly Singh is social media’s favourite child, thanks to her excellent characters and inspiring style! She talks to us about menstrual pain, how she manages it and how she would never let it get in the middle of professionalism.
Dolly Singh
Day 1 was bad but I learnt how to manage it, says Dolly Singh.
Sonakshi Kohli Updated: 2 Jun 2021, 18:14 pm IST
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You know her as the South Delhi girl who just can’t do without her house help, Sunita. You probably even know her as the outrageous Guddi Bhabi who never fails to throw you in a fit of laughter through her savage jokes on her mother-in-law/prodigal husband. Perhaps, you resonate even better with her fashion statements or her portrayal of Zeenat Baji whose hilarious take on patriarchy expressed in a nasal voice topped with Urdu talaffuz never fails to get the point across.

So many impactful characters, one viral social media sensation, give it up for fashion and lifestyle influencer and content creator – Dolly Singh!

Surely, this level of success needs a lot of blood and sweat.

But how does she manage to do so on days when there’s blood flowing literally?
“Generally, my first day of period is quite bad. I experience painful period cramps and I am unable to do too much work on my first day. However, the second day onwards, I get back on track as it is a pain-free, comfortable day,” says Dolly.

If you think, that makes any difference to her professionalism, you’re highly mistaken.

Dolly Singh

“I was one of the kids with a 100% attendance at school but when I got my period, I had to take an off on the first day because that’s how painful it was. But now, as a professional, I don’t let it affect my work too much,” she mentions.

For Dolly, work comes first
“I’ve never said ‘no’ to a work commitment because of my period. But if it’s something of my own, then I postpone it for a few hours or a day if the pain is too bad,” says Dolly.

“But if I get my period and I have a prior professional commitment made to a brand or if there’s another actor involved or just a commitment made to someone else, I take a painkiller pill or apply a pain patch and continue doing the work that I’m supposed to do,” she adds.

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In fact, recalling one such incident, where she had to shoot and face the camera – despite the excruciating period cramps on the first day of her period, she says, “I was supposed to go to Mumbai, shoot with Abhay Deol, and come back. And I got my period the same morning before catching the flight. So, I just popped a pill, so as to not let it affect my work.”

She surely knows how to brave period pain
“I experience period pain, but I have conditioned myself to work around it and deal with it. I think that gradually your body also somehow gets used to the pain being there and still managing to pull things off. The threshold of pain for us women is really, really high,” says Dolly. 

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In fact, her take on periods is rather positive, funny, interesting, and all things that make her so popular on social media. According to her, periods are like a ‘friend’ coming over—a friend, you don’t like as much but eagerly wait for, regardless.

“I happily talk about my periods with my friends and I celebrate their timely arrival as well,” she quips.

So, what period-management tips does she have for y’all?
“I think, when it comes to periods, everyone’s experience is different and unique. So, I can’t generalize because what works for me might not work for someone else. But, natural remedies like sipping on ajwain ka paani and using a hot water bottle really work for me,” says Dolly.

Dolly Singh

She also avoids taking painkillers as much as she can as she’s aware of the health consequences of popping them and counts on pain-relieving patches that can be stuck on the stomach and are easily available in the market nowadays.

Another thing that’s helped me deal with my periods better is using menstrual cups instead of sanitary napkins. It can take 2-3 months to get used to these cups, but once you do, you’ll never look back. Since there’s no waste generated, you also feel really great,” she mentions. 

And for all the ambitious women out there, she has this to say:
“I think ambitious women know that nothing, not even their periods can hold them back when it comes to achieving their goals. But at the end of the day, you’ve got to listen to your body and if it’s telling you to take an off from work or go easy while you’re on your period, you must comply and not beat yourself about it. After all, your health should be your priority.”

One can truly see that Dolly’s professionalism and the spirit of not letting anything, not even menstrual pain, get in the way of her ambition is taking her places!

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