Motherhood gives a new definition, dimension to love, says actress Akanksha Malhotra

Getting a taste of motherhood changed life for Garv actress Akanksha Malhotra, who talks about the special journey on Mother's Day.
Akanksha Malhotra
Actress Akanksha Malhotra talks about motherhood. Image courtesy: Akanksha Malhotra
Published: 8 May 2022, 18:36 pm IST
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On Mother’s Day, actress Akanksha Malhotra, who is ready for her second innings in Bollywood, talks about how life-changing motherhood has been for her. Akanksha, who has featured in the 2004 film Garv, had moved to New York and had been busy with family and business ventures. The mom of two talks fondly about the experience of spending time with her daughters, and shares some tips for expecting moms.

The power of motherhood

There is nothing more pure, unconditional, and pious than motherhood. Only after one gives birth to a child that one realizes the capacity she holds to love another being. Many claim to understand and witness love, but becoming a mother gives it a whole new definition and dimension. It makes you wholesome and complete.

Becoming a mother was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I was only 24 when I had my first baby, and I had no idea what to expect from pregnancy. I remember going through terrible morning sickness during those months. I even had to endure long labour, but I was sure to have a normal delivery. The second time was much easier because I learned many lessons during my first.

Words of wisdom for expecting mothers

From my experience, I would suggest all expecting mothers eat sourdough bread or crackers during morning sickness because it absorbs acid. Make sure to eat small frequent meals, drink a lot of water, and be active till your due date. Keeping your body charged by doing breathing exercises, Yoga, and walking helps a woman have a healthy and comfortable nine months and childbirth. During both my pregnancies, I gained weight between 23 to 25 kgs, but I shed it in three months with the help of a strict diet yet healthy diet and yoga.

Akanksha Malhotra yoga
Yoga is an intrinsic part of Akanksha Malhotra’s fitness routine. Image courtesy: Instagram | Akanksha Malhotra

Since I am a vegetarian, I ate water-based vegetables, lentils, fruits, porridge, eggs, ragi, and bajra, and maintained a high protein diet. I would suggest the same because it is easy to lose weight post-delivery if practiced a healthy regime. Honestly, discipline is the key to recovery. A nutritious diet, low on fat, good exercise routine, and meditation can do wonders for the body.

The last words

On Mother’s Day, I want to tell everyone that be it those nine months or holding your baby in your arms for the first time – it is an emotion that one cannot describe in words. You cannot pen these feelings.

I am grateful to my beautiful daughters, Mehek and Myra, who gave me the privilege to be a mother. I am more than blessed to have two nephews who are my sons. It fills my heart with joy to be a God Mother of soul sister Shilpa’s (Shilpa Shetty Kundra) daughter Samisha. These kids have all my heart!

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