Miss India World 2022 Sini Shetty: I believe in 2 C’s to chase success

Being a beauty queen comes with its set of responsibilities, and Sini Shetty, the newly-crowned Miss India World is ready to take it on!
Miss India World Sini Shetty on her victory
What's Sini Shetty's mantra in life? Read on! Image courtesy: Sini Shetty | Instagram
Radhika Bhirani Published: 8 Jul 2022, 18:24 pm IST
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For 21-year-old Sini Shetty, who has been crowned Miss India World 2022, being a beauty queen was not a childhood dream. She was pursuing a professional course to be a financial analyst when a new, unexpected opportunity of exploring the glitzy modelling world knocked at her door. Uncertainty, says the Karnataka girl, is the mainstay of life. And having the curiosity and confidence to embrace these curve-balls can become the biggest strength for today’s generation, says Sini Shetty in this Health Shots interview.

With her eyes now set on the Miss World 2022 pageant, the Bharatanatyam dancer opens up about her joy of winning the crown, her aspirations, her passion for dance, wellness mantra and her tricks to keep her mental sanity in check.

Excerpts from an interview with Miss India World 2022 Sini Shetty:

Sini Shetty Miss India World
Sini Shetty is a hustler at heart. Image courtesy: Instagram | Sini Shetty

Q. How does it feel to win the crown?

Sini Shetty: Overwhelmed! From chanting prayers to not hearing a thing, and then experiencing the joy when your name is announced… it leaves you shocked and blank. The crows is still fitting my head but I am numb.It hasn’t sunk in yet. I am happy that my parents are proud. I saw my parents jumping with joy… if I could keep that picture.

Q. Was it your childhood dream to be a beauty queen?

Sini Shetty: I believe the most certain thing about life is uncertainty. If you ask me, 5 years ago, the same Sini Shetty would have wanted a stable job in a financial firm as a financial analyst. But things change. Life is not as certain. I got scouted by a lady who told me I had the personality and aura to be a model and I should try my luck at it. The things that drive me are hustle and curiosity. So, I had an instant curiosity to understand why has someone told me this. That is why I am where I am today, wearing this crown and will be representing India on a global stage. Being a beauty queen wasn’t a dream, but my dreams kept changing. I’m just glad I am here and found my crown.

Like curiosity, even hustle keeps me going. This crown is a precious thing for me, but this is a stepping stone for me for many successes that are to come in life. This has given me a representation factor to influence the youth.

Q. You’re trained in Bharatnatyam and practice other dance forms too. Tell us how dance has shaped up your personality?

Sini Shetty: A shloka we’re taught in dance translates to, ‘Where your hands go, your eyes go; where your eyes go, your mind goes; where your mind goes, your feelings go; and where your feelings go, that’s what builds your personality. As dancers, we play many roles and characters in an act. In real life also, we play many characters and roles. Dance has always made me ask questions and I still very distinctly remember asking my teacher once, ‘Who am I as a person? Have I lost myself in while playing so many roles?’ To that, she said, “You are your own person. You are everything but you are your own unique self. You play different roles, but your dance allows you to be your own unique self.’

So, I would say, dance has helped me be centered and dance is the focus point between my passion and my profession.


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Q. At the Miss India pageant, you’ve also won the ‘Body Beautiful’ title. What does the term mean to you at a time when the concept of body positivity and beauty are undergoing a tectonic shift globally?

Sini Shetty: For me, the mantra of being body beautiful and fit is being mentally and physically happy and fit. I don’t spend half of my time in gym. I don’t excessively diet to stay in shape. I believe that my happy place and my meditation is dance. And so, I do extensive training in it. Along with that, I eat healthy, ghar ka khaana… my mom’s homemade food, instead of junk.

The balance between this physical and mental health has made my body beautiful. I also believe that every girl’s journey is different. All they have to figure is what is the mantra for their physical fitness and mental fitness. That’s what makes them body beautiful.

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Q. Every competition can be stressful. How do you keep your mental health in check?

Sini Shetty: Even on the worst day of my life, I would go back to my dance. I go to my studio, put the music on full blast, dance my heart out, and I will be back to normal. Dance has always been a happy space for me.

Secondly, I’ve learnt to keep myself calm even in situations of ultimate pleasure. My mom always tells me to breathe in, breathe out thrice. Then, you calm down automatically once you compose yourself. So, I’d say, dance and the art of keeping yourself calm and composed even through pressure, is something that keep me sane.

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Q. What’s your motto in life?

Sini Shetty: I believe that the world tries to define your values in a certain way. But I find my own meaning. I don’t subscribe to the standard rules set by the society where I am told to act, stand and walk in a certain way.

Q. Your message to the youth?

Sini Shetty: I’d say that 2 C’s are important to move ahead in life : Curiosity and Confidence. Just keep your head up and move forward with these two factors, and you will have the world in your hands!

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