Miss Diva Universe 2023 Shweta Sharda says her single mother is her guiding light

Shweta Sharda was recently crowned the Miss Diva Universe 2023. As the 22-year-old gears up to represent India at the 72nd Miss Universe pageant, she talks about challenges in life and her single mother being a guiding light.
Miss Diva Universe 2023 Shweta Sharda
Chandigarh's Shweta Sharda is Miss Diva Universe 2023. Image Courtesy: Shweta Sharda/Instagram
Natalia Ningthoujam Published: 31 Aug 2023, 12:00 pm IST
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Competitions are like old friends to Shweta Sharda, who has been participating in dance-based reality shows since her teenage days. So, it came as no surprise when the 22-year-old Chandigarh girl came, saw and conquered the Miss Diva Universe 2023 stage. She has her talent, confidence and a team of experts to be thankful for the victory. But it’s mostly her single mother who she believes has been a guiding light since her childhood days.

She was just 13 when her parents got divorced. She calls it a “dark phase” in her life that left her completely shattered. In that darkness, her mother was nothing but a guiding light. With her encouragement and the will to do anything, Sharda left her home in Chandigarh at age 16 and established herself as a dancer and a choreographer in Mumbai. Many might recognise her from TV screens, thanks to her appearances on shows like Dance India Dance, Dance Deewane, and Dance+. Sharda went on from being a dancer to a choreographer on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. She also recently featured in the music video of “Mast Aankhein.”

Miss Diva Universe 2023 Shweta Sharda
Shweta Sharda is a dancer and choreographer. Image courtesy: Shweta Sharda/Instagram

Now she is the Miss Diva Universe 2023, but clinching that title is not enough for her. Sharda is eyeing the Miss Universe crown. In an interview with Health Shots, the beauty queen shares about her recent win, mental health and her inspiration – her mother.

Excerpts from the interview with Miss Diva Universe 2023 Shweta Sharda

Q. Before the Miss Diva pageant, you participated in dance shows and featured in music videos. Do you think that the popularity helped you win the crown?

Shweta Sharda: Not really. Yes, people know me because of my work. I have fame, but participating in a pageant was a new thing for me. Also, I had manifested this moment since the day I had decided to participate in the pageant. I think it is the power of manifesting a lot of things and my hard work that has paid off.

Q. You will represent India at the 72nd Miss Universe pageant this year. How are the preparations going on?

Shweta Sharda: I am leaving no stone unturned. I am getting the same feeling that I got for Miss Diva. I am going to get that crown (Miss Universe) back. I have a strong feeling about it. I know there will be a lot of girls out there who will be stronger than me. But I am proud of the fact that I have confidence. I have faced a lot of challenges in my life. The belief, the spark, the fire in me makes me stand out.

Q: You have been part of many competitive dance shows and then the beauty pageants. How does participating in competitions affect your mental health?

Shweta Sharda: According to me, mental health is my priority. I keep negative thoughts away. I practise meditation and have a proper fitness routine. Right now, I am in a good phase. But in the future if things don’t go as expected, I will cherish my journey and the things that I have. It’s all about having a positive mindset. Also, I don’t compare myself with others.

Miss Diva Universe 2023 Shweta Sharda
Shweta Sharda got emotional after winning Miss Diva Universe 2023 title. Image courtesy: Shweta Sharda/Instagram

Q. People with a dance background generally try their hand at Bollywood. What made you become a model and compete in a beauty pageant?

Shweta Sharda: I wanted to pursue my dreams of being a dancer when I left my hometown. I wanted to do dance-based reality shows and make my own individuality. When I was leaving my hometown, I made a promise. I said, ‘If I am leaving, I am going to make sure to stay focused on my career, give my 1000 percent and make a mark in the industry.’ I wanted to be a dance icon which I feel I have achieved. So, after that I wondered what next I could do. I was inclined towards beauty pageants because the concept of being confident and beautiful, and using that as a tool to make a positive impact, greatly resonated with me. That’s all I want to do in my life right now. I have the experience and knowledge. I want to help other girls to find their potential and make them believe in themselves.

Q: You have been raised by a single mom. What all life lessons have you learnt from her?

Shweta Sharda: I was 13 when my parents got separated. I witnessed them getting a divorce. For me, that phase was very dark. I was shattered and felt demotivated. But I got inspiration from my mother. The way she tackled failures and guided me really inspired me. My mom is my guiding light. She has taught me to prioritise myself and that self-love is very important. You need space for yourself because it helps to connect with yourself. She told me to be the toughest and never think that a situation is bigger than you.

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