Ravi Bala Sharma aka Dancing Dadi’s life mantras are a lesson for anyone who thinks age is a barrier

Ravi Bala Sharma, also known as Dancing Dadi is breaking the age bias and living her passion for dance. In a conversation with HealthShots, she tells us about her journey!
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Aayushi Gupta Published: 26 Mar 2022, 12:10 pm IST
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“Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” says Ravi Bala Sharma aka Dancing Dadi in a freewheeling chat with HealthShots. At 63, Ravi Bala Sharma proves that age is just a number! Breaking all the bias and barriers against women her age, she is following her passion for dance. From being a working woman to being Dancing Dadi, Ravi Bala is an influencer in her own right, inspiring many others to never let life and time make them give up their passion.

Who is Ravi Bala Sharma?

We may tend to think that dance is something for the youngsters to do? Though television reality shows and social media have opened up windows for people of all age groups to showcase their dancing talent, the number of people who do it is still less. However, today we’ve someone who’s at 63 following her passion for dance. Meet Ravi Bala Sharma. Born and brought up in Moradabad, a small town of Uttar Pradesh, she comes from a family with a music background. What’s an interesting thing about her is that she received music training from her father and because dance had always been her hobby when she was young, she also learned Kathak and that’s the reason why she dances so beautifully today.

Here’s why age is just a number for Ravi Bala Sharma

In a conversation with HealthShots, Ravi Bala Sharma said, “While the body may grow old, it is the liveliness of our spirit that keeps us young, fit, and full of dreams.” She adds, “If you are determined to do something, everything can be managed. If you have anything in your mind that you want to complete or accomplish, you can do it very comfortably. There will be no problem with that.” With almost 200,000 followers on Instagram, her dance moves have proved that age is just a number and you can do whatever you want in your life!

How did Ravi Bala Sharma become ‘Dancing Dadi’?

She is winning the hearts of many people with her dance moves. You’ll be surprised to know that she has become a sensation not only among her followers, but also among Bollywood celebrities like Diljit Dosanjh, Imtiaz Ali, and Terence Lewis. Nearly a year back, the lockdown was a turning point in her life when she made her first video and uploaded it on social media. It went viral! “After that, my kids suggested and motivated me to make more such videos, and I have been getting a huge positive response on every video until now.” This is how she has earned the lovable epithet of ‘Dancing Dadi’.

What’s keeping her fit and energetic at this age?

Well, she believes punctuality and discipline are the most important aspects of life if you want to keep yourself fit and healthy. According to Ravi Bala Sharma, only once you become punctual and disciplined, will you respect time and value it. If you have any goal or dream in your life, it is very important that instead of wasting your time, you use it to invest in your hobbies and fulfilling your dreams.

When we asked how she stays so fit and healthy at this age, she said that she does regular exercises and yoga in the morning. In fact, she said that doing yoga on a daily basis helps her a lot in dancing, and it also gives her many mental health benefits such as a clear and stress-free mind. “Moreover, I follow a healthy diet and always try to get enough sleep,” added Ravi Bala Sharma. She pointed out that besides all this, it is really important to take out some time for yourself as well. While fulfilling the responsibilities, spending some time with yourself will help you understand your own needs in a better way. All in all, at this age even after her retirement, Dancing Dadi is sticking to a healthy routine.

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Here’s how she is acing the youth-dominated social media world

“The videos that I upload are made them with the help of my family. My kids help me in making videos, choosing trending songs, uploading them, and everything else. Initially, I used to make my videos on old or retro songs, but then my kids suggested me to dance on trending songs of Bollywood. I got a positive response from viewers on it,” she added.

“I feel very blessed that my family is very supportive. In fact, my husband always wanted me to dance. Even after he passed away, my family encouraged me to dance and live my life to the fullest.”

What about coping up with the physical issues that can be caused by dancing?

At this age, dancing takes a lot of strength and stamina, and that’s why when people see Ravi Bala dance her heart out, they praise her for the performances and courage. Needless to say, even if you’re so fit and healthy, dancing at 63 can cause some physical issues such as cramps or spasms. This is the same case with Ravi Bala Sharma too. However, what keeps her going is her spirit and her passion for dance.

She said, “Like the younger generation, I also sometimes face physical problems while dancing, but when I see them dancing with sores and pain, I also get inspired that if they can do it, I can do it too. But I also make sure that I don’t end up having any serious injury.”

A message to others of her age and to the younger generation

She said, “I want to tell the young generation that if they want to do something in life, be patient. Apart from this, keep in mind three things: work hard, be punctual and stay disciplined. By doing this, you will definitely reach your goal. And to the older generation, I want to say that do not give up your dreams because of your age. No matter what your age, work hard and live your passion. Be a source of inspiration not only for yourself, but also for your children. Also, being elderly helps your kids fulfill their dreams by motivating them.”

Dancing Dadi has really been breaking all kinds of stereotypes around age by following and living her passion for dance. Her joyous videos are truly an inspiration for many of us!

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