Kusha Kapila shares her painfully hilarious struggle with hormonal acne

Kusha Kapila shared pictures of her inspiring acne journey and we can say that is more than just creams and 'desi nuskhe'.
Kusha Kapila
Read on to know how Kusha Kapila dealt with hormonal acne. Image courtesy: Instagram/ Kusha Kapila
Shifa Khan Updated: 12 Apr 2022, 14:48 pm IST
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Skin, being the largest organ of our body, requires proper care, nutrition, and love. However, does it really matter if nothing seems to make it happy? Despite all the skincare one indulges in, acne and pimples keep popping up like they’re on a regular attendance check. While social media is filled with instant pore-refining cum facelift kind of filters, there’s more to the skin than meets the eye. But, if we talk about social media influencers who are unapologetically themselves rather than being plastic barbies and promoting superficial beauty standards, the list starts with Kusha Kapila.

Throwing sassy laughter like it’s confetti, Kusha Kapila made herself a name among the pool of social media influencers. Her comic timings and witty takes on societal issues like gender roles, classism, body image, and even politics made her a treat to watch. Known to not mince her words with her portrayal of zeitgeist-y characters, Kusha Kapila rose to fame making her a popular name in every Indian household.

Other than her pompous fashion outfits, another thing that Kusha is known for is her struggle with body image. This ‘South Delhi’ diva recently took to Instagram to share her struggle with hormonal acne. External factors like dirt, pollution, and lack of moisturization may cause flare-ups to ring a bell. But, for Kusha, hormonal fluctuations and disorders turned her skin into a playground for wicked acne. Narrating her ordeal, Kusha Kapila shared her photos on Instagram depicting her acne treatment journey from January to April.

She captioned her post, “Acne journey from January to April. Hormonal acne is a wild ride. You wake up to new skin every day – doesn’t help that I work in a profession where I face the camera almost every day… haha! Or when I meet people, the first thing they look at is my face (and compare if I look like my Instagram pictures).”

Keeping up with the disappointments and her hopes for better skin, Kusha wrote, “It’s getting better, I think (hectic combination of working out + medicine + diet) but it’s a tease. Every time I think okay the worst is behind me, it assures me ‘ruk behen, yeh le ek aur flare up’.”

Reminiscing the time she got her first acne break out, Kusha wrote, “ I experienced my first flare-up on my first Behensplaining shoot three years ago and as my career progresses, meri acne is like ‘main bhi saath mein chalungi, behen’.”

Calling her acne a one-sided jilted lover, Kusha further wrote, “I think it’s lucky for me? Is it? Hain bhi toh, this is ‘ektarfa’ pyaar. I would very much want adult acne to f*** right off my cheeks.”

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While her hilarious take on adult acne is like a breeze of fresh air, it also sends out a message to leave them alone and be yourself. Acne doesn’t define you and never will. So, just like Kusha Kapila, we should make peace with our skin problems and venture onto our self-love journey. Do not give up and stick to a good skincare routine along with diet and regular workout. Follow and preach body acceptance and toss those feelings of self-doubt in the bin!

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