Here’s how MBA-turned-beauty blogger Sone Kanwar is redefining beauty standards

“Beauty is not about looking great, but feeling great as well,” says Sone Kanwar, a beauty influencer who goes by the name Glossypolish on Instagram.
Sone Kanwar
You are beautiful just the way you are. Image courtesy: Sone Kanwar
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 4 Mar 2021, 14:43 pm IST
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After the rise and rise of Instagram – being an influencer has become a big deal. It has not just opened up avenues to reach out to more people, but has also given a platform for common people to be heard or be a part of this community. And Sone Kanwar, a beauty influencer, known as Glossypolish on Instagram has a growing tribe of beauty enthusiasts!

Her beauty hacks and DIYs are the talk of the town, and Sone’s millennial followers make sure to keep her engaged with all sorts of beauty queries. What sets her apart is that she takes out some time every single day to answer all their questions candidly via stories, reels, and posts. 

Her holistic beauty advice has made Glossypolish one of the most trusted beauty influencers on social media. She already has a following of 190K, and there’s no stopping! 

On the occasion of Women’s Day, we decided to chat up with her to understand what it takes to be a beauty influencer with a purpose. 

You give some splendid beauty hacks on your Instagram handle, but we want to know how it all began?

Being a beauty blogger was not always Sone’s plan, but this MBA in finance was destined to do this!

“I was preparing for the civil services, after a short stint at an IT company. But for some extra pocket money, I would write product reviews for various brands. Also, I have always been particular about taking care of my skin. I never wanted to be someone who feels life nikal gayi and apne liye kuch bhi nahi kiya. So, that’s why I launched my website, and after that my Insta handle came into existence,” shares Sone.

Sone Kanwar
Meet Sone Kanwar. Image courtesy: Sone Kanwar
Beauty is multifaceted but what’s your definition of it?

“Feeling good about yourself, and taking care of yourself will always make you feel beautiful come what may. I agree that beauty is multi-faceted and looks are something that are not in your control. What you can control is taking care of what you have. That’s what I believe in. For me looks don’t matter. Fair is beautiful is a very shallow concept, as beauty is way beyond,” says Sone.

India is a place where skin tone matters a lot. What’s your take on that?

Sone feels it’s very unfortunate, because according to her, even if the brands have changed their stance towards fairness and beauty, 

“I think it is very unhealthy. I mean I adore Nandita Das. I find her very beautiful. No matter what her skin tone is. No one has the right to decide who is beautiful and who is not. Beauty is beyond looks. The problem is that people judge every aspect of you. I think people should let other people be,” she says.

“Girls don’t deserve to take that much pain that they go through to look a certain way. I remember a few months back a girl told me on my platform that her marriage was fixed, everything was finalized. But in the end, the guy’s side rejected the proposal just because of her complexion. I mean what a loss for that guy. She felt so defeated at that point in time,” says an agitated Ms Kanwar.

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This was the time, when she decided to launch her first IG TV video on ‘How to be fair?’

Well, this video is all about self-love and to be fair to yourself,” she adds.

Glossypolish is a query-based platform – what is the most common beauty query that you have received from these young girls? 

“Earlier, I would get a lot of queries on how to make my skin white, and to be honest I don’t blame them. But now ingredient based queries are coming to me a lot. The most fascinating one is kya sunscreen lagana zaruri hai? To which I always reply – Absolutely YES!,” she says.

What’s your go-to beauty ingredient and why?

“Well, without a doubt, sandalwood powder is the best. That’s because it suits every skin type. If you have oily skin, then just add rose water to it and if you have dry skin, just add milk and apply. It’s versatile and that’s why I love it,” she shares.

One quick hack that you want to share with our readers

According to Sone, there is a beauty hack that can change your life forever.

“Applying sunscreen religiously is that one beauty tip that will change your life. Even if you are at home you should apply and reapply sunscreen after every two hours. You know why? Well, that’s because it helps in reducing anti-ageing signs significantly. I do it without fail,” adds Sone. 

What sets you apart from the other beauty bloggers that are out there?

“Well, I can’t compare myself to others, but yes there is one difference – I give pocket-friendly solutions to my followers, as not everyone can shell out that kind of money for beauty products. Plus, I ensure that whatever money they are spending should be totally worth it,” says Ms Kanwar

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“Self-love is the most attractive thing in the world. If you love yourself, you will look attractive. I don’t know it has some magic to it,” says Sone Kanwar, while signing off. 

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