Here’s how influencer Shaurya Sanadhya deals with painful periods like a boss

Influencer and entrepreneur, Shaurya Sanadhya’s periods are painful but she doesn’t let it get in the middle of her dreams. Here’s how she manages her menstrual pain like a boss!
Shaurya Sanadhya
Shaurya Sanadhya is the boss lady when it comes to period.
Sonakshi Kohli Updated: 2 Jun 2021, 06:11 pm IST
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From creating content on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel to running a full-fledged fashion label as well as a skincare brand—social-media influencer Shaurya Sanadhya Tulshyan is, hands down, one of the most versatile bloggers we have these days. 

With a rock-solid following of more than 4 lakh people on Instagram and an inspiring body of work, the lady surely seems to have reached a point of success that many people aspire for. 

Needless to say, her hard work is the secret behind the success
“I am a social media influencer and I mostly have to step out of my house, travel, shoot outdoors, and create content. There are no fixed work timings for me. Sometimes I have to shoot really early in the morning and sometimes it gets really late at night due to editing, responding to comments, and replying to e-mails,” says Sanadhya.

Yes, she does all this AND gets her period just like all of us
While most of us refuse to budge while we’re on our period—thanks to period cramps, fatigue, mood swings, and what not—braving it all and going through the days is Sanadhya’s mantra during those cumbersome 5 days of the month.

Shaurya Sanadhya

“A regular day at work is usually very smooth. However, a workday when I’m on my period involves some sort of discomfort, at least during the initial 1-2 days of getting my period when the period cramps are really painful for me,” she mentions.

But despite the pain, she never lets her period come in the way of her work
“The one thing that really scared me earlier was the fear of getting my period on an important day at work because my periods are quite painful. However, now I plan my days and my work accordingly,” says Sanadhya.

“I do try to keep the initial days of my period lighter when it comes to working. But I make sure that I complete my assignments and fulfill my commitments on any given day. Apart from the discomfort involved, I don’t let a workday while I’m on my period be any different from a regular day at work,” she adds.

Her period-management strategy is something to learn from
“I used to get very cranky and agitated during the first 3 days of my period. The cramps were painful as well. However, planning things in advance as well as taking a painkiller has helped me keep matters in control and stay relaxed during that time of the month. That’s how I don’t let my periods come in the way of my goals,” Sanadhya mentions.

Shaurya Sanadhya

“I make sure that all the important tasks on my to-do list are done and dusted even while I’m on my period,” she adds.

Ladies, if you have a painful period just like her and there’s no underlying health condition involved, you can, perhaps, take a cue from Sanadhya and try to keep your period days relaxed and light. After all, periods must never come in the way of achieving your dreams.

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“It’s a natural phenomenon, so take it in your stride and do what you have to do,” she says on a closing note.  

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