Here is how you can find zen even in these times of lockdown

These are tough times, especially now that most Indian states are under lockdown. But how can you stay sane during these tough times? Read this to know
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If battling coronavirus fears while being locked in your home is getting to you, read what yogini Swati Kain has to say on the matter. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Swati Kain Updated: 11 May 2021, 00:09 am IST
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My husband and I live in Valencia in Spain which is under emergency and lock-down. It is mandatory to work from home here on our ninth day of quarantine–and we cannot deny anymore that the people around us are panicked.

The good news is that you still have a choice when it comes to how to feel and act. Crisis is a chance to become wiser by observing yourself. How do you react to all of this?

Sometimes life just shows you a path beyond your comfort zone. I read about second-degree happiness in a book called Selfienomics a few years back, which says that a ‘small’ bad experience is better than a familiar, decent one. This is the sort of stuff which may be uncomfortable at the moment, but will bring you happiness later on.

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Swati with her husband in Valencia in quarantine. Image courtesy: Swati Kain

Of course the covid-19 pandemic is not a small experience but a few months from now, we will look back and realize that we survived it. That we were the witnesses of a great battle between the market and nature–an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and just knowing that keeping it ‘lowkey’ can be our contribution to the environment as well as the society.

To be honest, there is a strange feeling of not knowing. Not knowing what the Government decides, not knowing how the virus will develop, not knowing how long the quarantine will last. It takes much effort from many of us to stay positive and calm.

But now, more than ever, we need to stay mentally and physically strong to be more prepared. This might be a good time to get out of our heads and more into our bodies. To start some new routines and to discover all the different possibilities to practice at home.

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Physical activity helps!
Harvard Medical School recommends yoga and meditation to deal with covid-19 anxiety. If you’re a beginner or have never practiced yoga before, get access to online videos and tutorials of various professional yoga networks. You can also follow free online videos of many professional yoga teachers on social media.

In case you have already been doing yoga for a long time, now is the time you can improvise on that headstand or a leg split by practicing various yoga drills. Light a candle and meditate by focusing on the flame or any object for that matter to practice mindfulness. Listening to a 10-minute guided sitting meditation can really improve productivity and decrease insomnia.

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It’s not survival of the fittest, but it’s survival of the nurtured. Take actions that demonstrate self-compassion and gratitude. Eat and cook healthy organic food, sleep, meditate, practice positive thoughts, organize your wardrobe, water the plants, read a book, hydrate yourself, spend time with your family, pen down your thoughts. and most importantly practice social distancing.

Reach out to a friend or family member through your smartphone when the situation becomes too overwhelming. After all we are social beings! People need people! Fortunately, I have my husband’s support that is keeping me company in these times of uncertainty.

The important reminder here is that “this too shall pass”. We have been through harder things than this. Our grandparents had to fight wars to protect us, all we have to do is sit at home with running water, electricity, food, and the internet in order to protect them and ourselves. Let’s make the most of this time and ripple out peace, love and meditation.

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