From a housewife to a bodybuilder and DJ–this is Kiran Dembla’s story

If you think having a family and kids means giving up on your dreams, then let Kiran Dembla be your inspiration.
kiran dembla
“We, women have the power to make an impact”, says Kiran Dembla. Image courtesy: Kiran Dembla
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 5 Mar 2020, 13:52 pm IST
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“What am I doing with my”, “Am I going to spend my entire life like this?”

At some point in our lives, we all have been jolted by questions like these. And Kiran Dembla is no different. 

Today, you know her as a fitness icon who is paving the way for women in the body-building fraternity. But things weren’t always like for her. But where there is a will, there is a way–and Kiran is proof that when you decide to do something, nothing can stop you. After all, today she is a DJ, mountaineer, celebrity fitness expert, and entrepreneur.   

But Kiran 10 years ago was different…
If you think that being a fitness influencer was always the plan for Kiran then you are highly mistaken. About a decade ago, she was completely focused on her kids–a boy and a girl.

Kiran Dembla
Image courtesy: Kiran Dembla

But fate had a different master plan for Ms Dembla. After the birth of her second child, she was diagnosed with a blood clot in her brain. 

“I was taken aback and was shattered. The entire stress of it along with the post-pregnancy weight gain hit me at the same time. I used to look at myself in the mirror and realise how much I had lost myself over the years,” she says.  

“I had no idea what I was doing with my life. It was almost as though I had done nothing till the age of 30. I was obsese and looked nothing like the way I did in college. And trust me–it was not a good space to be in. I couldn’t focus on anything,” adds. 

Mindful introspection turned Kiran’s life around
When reality strikes, we look at all possible ways to mend our ways. For Kiran, this meant swimming because it’s the fastest way to lose weight. But unfortunately, it didn’t work out for her the way she had hoped. 

“Swimming didn’t work out for me at all. Then I switched to yoga with some of my friends, which piqued my interest in going to the gym,” she adds. 

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It was the regular gymming sessions that helped Kiran lose weight and find herself again. “In seven months’ time, I had managed to shed almost 24 kilos. I remember how amazing it was to feel like myself again. I started caring for myself once more,” she says. There was no looking back after that….  

Then came the 2013 World Bodybuilding Championship in Budapest
You must think that the biggest challenge in the championship for Kiran might have been preparing adequately. But actually, wearing a bikini at the event was the biggest hurdle of them. 

“I checked with my husband and tried to convince him to let me participate in the event, but he did not utter a word. However, I had also become stubborn. I told him that I am definitely going to participate, come what may,” she says.

“But this wasn’t the only problem. My family has strictly asked me to refrain from eating non-vegetarian food. People in the fitness business know the importance of eating protein rich food–that too before such a big event. But thankfully I pulled it off and came sixth,” Kiran exclaims, proudly.   

Not just bodybuilding–there are many more feathers in Kiran’s hat
Coming sixth in the World Bodybuilding Championship wasn’t the end of her journey. This trained classical singer is also a professional DJ. Plus, she has trekked to Mount Everest Base Camp a few times. 

“I take my passion seriously and I want to do everything I can. I don’t want any regrets in the future,” she says.  

Trolls took a toll on Kiran’s mental health but she dealt with them too
You look like a man… female bodybuilders hear this quite frequently, and so did Kiran. 

Initially, all the bullying used to hamper her mental peace. But then, she would remind herself of her goals.   

“Feminity is being a woman, simply a woman, and that’s the end of it. If being curvy and feeling strong from inside is considered manly, then I take pleasure in it,” she says. 

If I can do it in my late 40s, anyone can–says Kiran
Trolls, family resistance, and body shaming nothing has never stopped Kiran from doing what she wants to do. In fact, she is using her achievements and her Instagram to inspire women. 

“I am like any other woman. I still do the dishes at home and take care of my family–but I always manage to take out time for myself. Love yourself first, make fitness your first priority, and you will see the wonders”, she concludes.

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