Fashion influencer Tina Kakkad refuses to let her periods come in the way of her dreams

Ambitious, absolutely stylish, and super-busy, Tina never let her periods meddle with her hard work and her spirit to reach the skies.
Now, that’s how you go live your dreams!
Sonakshi Kohli Updated: 2 Jun 2021, 06:14 pm IST
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Tina Kakkad is a social media influencer who represents all things fashionable and luxurious. She is the co-founder of the fashion and lifestyle blog, ‘the image code’ as well as of a luxury bridal online space, ‘The Bridal Affair India’.

With so much on her plate, her life is hectic and keeps her on her toes. From outdoor shoots and visiting brand events to analysing and strategizing the way forward with her team, all this while managing her personal life—the lady does it all like a pro!

FYI, she’s just as spirited during her period days!
“My period is painful, but the only thing that keeps me going is the distraction in the form of my work. I never let periods come in my way and prefer to be busy during those 5 days as well,” says Kakkad.

“If I do have a choice, I would avoid a fashion shoot while I’m on my period. But, with schedules like ours and our vendors’, there’s hardly any space for flexibility to do so,” she adds. 

The fashionista, further says, “Have you ever heard a pro athlete complain that she cannot perform her sport on her period? I don’t think anything should come in the way of your goals.”

Her period-management plan is as kickass as her fashion sense
“I was always told to workout less or not at all during my period as it’s bad for me. However, I recently realised that my workout helps me get rid of the period bloating, changes my mood, and even helps reduce the PMS cramps,” mentions Kakkad.

“While shooting on my period, I plan in advance and stay hydrated. I eat my meals properly, get a good night’s sleep, do some yoga, have a calming tea, or maybe a painkiller if the cramps are too much to bear, and simply take it like any other day.” 

If you’re ambitious just like her, here’s what she wants you to know
“Gone are the days when girls could use ‘that time of the month’ as an excuse. It’s time to embrace this part of womanhood minus the shame,” says Kakkad.

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However, she’s quick to bring up the fact that everyone might not have a very manageable period. In which case, a woman must get herself checked because if your period is so painful that it makes it impossible for you to carry on your day normally, you probably have an underlying medical condition responsible for making your periods terrible. You must visit a doctor as soon as possible. 

On an ending note, she says, “Everyone responds differently to hormonal changes, but you can’t stop living because of them. If you are one of the lucky ones, who don’t have an unbearable period, you must treat it like any other day.”

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