Plus-sized model Sakshi Sindwani is challenging norms & quite fashionably so

From being body-shamed by her family to facing trolls on social media–Sakshi Sindhwani has dealt with it all, only to emerge stronger and become a body-positive role model.
Sakshi Sindhwani
From being body-shamed by her own family to becoming comfortable in her own skin–this is body positive influencer Sakshi Sindhwani’s story. Image courtesy: Sakshi Sindhwani
Sonakshi Kohli Updated: 4 Mar 2020, 19:55 pm IST
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In a world obsessed with the idea of women being a size zero, fitting into the tiniest of clothes, looking a certain way, and meeting the set standards of beauty–plus-sized women making a mark of their own. They are bringing ‘the bigger, the better’ notion into vogue and creating a wave of social acceptance. 

Plus-sized model, blogger, and body-positive content creator Sakshi Sindwani is a part of this movement and has managed to make it past the judgements and criticism. And on the way, she has inspired many others to do the same. 

With almost 90,000 followers on Instagram–the young, dynamic influencer behind Style Me Up With Sakshi has several body-confidence-inducing videos to her credit. And today, we are bringing her journey to you. 

So, how did the magic begin?
“When I started my YouTube channel, I saw that there was literally nobody from our country, who was my size and making styling videos. So, I thought to myself that something must be really, really wrong,” Sakshi says. 

Image courtesy: Sakshi Sindhwani

“I started uploading my styling videos on my YouTube channel. But, at that time, I didn’t realise how big of an impact I would have on younger girls because they too didn’t have many women of “unconventional” sizes to look up to,” she sighs.

Isn’t the competition from “picture-perfect” influencers worrisome?
“I actually don’t feel a sense of competition when I see posts of influencers with picture-perfect bodies. I don’t feel any less about my body,” she proclaims. 

“I am a human being, and of course, there are days when I feel not-so-good about myself. But that only happens because I am unhappy with a few unhealthy changes in my body and not because of how everyone else look,” she adds.

What about the trolls? We’re sure they must have plenty
Needless to say that social media brings with it a host of trolls that leave no stone unturned to bring someone down. Sakshi was no different as she shares how the criticism and trolling can hit you harder if you lack confidence in yourself

Image courtesy: Sakshi Sindhwani

Focus on your health, growth, and becoming a better version of yourself instead of paying heed to the negativity,” she says.

FYI, her past wasn’t as Insta-famous as her present
“As an obese kid, I was severely bullied because I looked a certain way. I went through depression and underwent therapy when I was in the eighth grade,” Sakshi Recalls.

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“I was bigger and taller and the bullying was brutal. And some portion of that insecurity still persists. There are some triggering words from that phase of bullying that can still throw me off,” she adds.

In fact, she has even been body-shamed by my own family as well
“In Punjabi families, people don’t have a filter while talking. They say whatever they feel like in a rather rude manner without realising that what they’re saying is not okay,” she points out.

From ‘kitni moti ho gai hai’ to ‘isse shaadi kaun karega’—trolling began at home for Sakshi. 

“This kind of criticism from family can affect you more than the one you get from friends or an outsider. It sticks with you and has a different impact altogether,” she says. 

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Talking about the importance of sensitivity from people while addressing such issues, Sakshi has a very valid point to make: “I think people need to be more conscious about what they’re saying and how they’re saying it. If you see a family member gaining weight and getting unhealthy, it’s better to have a mature conversation with them rather than judging and shaming them for how they look–because that’s not okay.”

But she found find her way out of the darkness
“You know, when I felt bad about getting body-shamed, it was because I myself used to feel bad about my body and judge myself for the way I looked. But, the moment I became confident in my skin, somehow, everyone around me stopped body-shaming me. Basically, my confidence and my positivity overpowered their negativity,” she quips. 

But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t face moments of self-doubt. The only difference is, when she does–she bounces back and takes things in her own stride.  

Image courtesy: Sakshi Sindhwani

“I manage to emerge from those moments by looking at myself in the mirror every morning and appreciating myself, a habit that I learnt from a lot of international content creators. I also try to count the things I am grateful for because no matter what people say, this body has enabled me to do so much in life, never proving to be a hindrance,” she says. 

Here is Sakshi’s advice for girls dealing with body confidence issues
If you’re struggling with body-image issues just like Sakshi did, then follow her simple mantra.

Life is too short to be worrying about your body or looking a certain way. So just be happy, spend time with loved ones, and be grateful for what you have,” she states. 

The moment you think you’re about to tread that path of self-doubt, Sakshi suggests that pull yourself away by thinking of the things you’re grateful for–say positive affirmations and know that you can’t change the way others think.

But remember, being unhealthy is NOT okay
Ladies body-positivity is all about being comfortable in your own skin—no matter what size you are in life. However, you should not stop working towards your fitness and personal growth using it as an excuse.

Image courtesy: Sakshi Sindhwani

“I do want to keep working on my body for the rest of my life and try to stay fit. And if I do gain more weight that affects my health, I don’t mind losing it. Even now, when the fashion week is approaching, I decided to get rid of the extra bulk around the tummy. Because even if I am body-positive and look a certain way, it doesn’t hurt to constantly work on your body and stay fit. This is exactly what I preach,” she says.

“I think we all should be happy with our bodies. But, we should never stop working towards building better health and a stronger body,” Sakshi says, as she signs off. 

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