Every food is good, but how you eat it matters: Ayurveda coach Dimple Jangda

Your gut health can be improved by eating the right things at the right time, says author and Ayurveda coach Dimple Jangda.
Dr Dimple Jangda, Ayurveda coach
Dr Dimple Jangda, Ayurveda coach
Anjuri Nayar Singh Published: 4 Dec 2023, 18:00 pm IST
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A rather harsh childhood in terms of health issues was what led Dimple Jangda to explore the virtues of Ayurveda. There was no looking back since then after she experienced the difference that the healing power of this ancient science brought to her life.

Dimple Jandga, who has a strong fan following on social media, is the founder of Prana Healthcare Centre and Prana Academy for Ayurvedic Life-sciences. Her TV show, Ayurveda Diaries was broadcast in English, Hindi and Telugu, and most recently, she has launched her book titled Heal Your Gut, Mind and Emotions.

Dimple Jangda shares her journey with Ayurveda

Going through health issues herself right from childhood, was what shaped the foundation for Jangda to step into this field. “I had epilepsy till the age of 11. Then, I had migraine from the age of 20. I had multiple surgeries and it was a crazy journey for me health-wise up to the age of 20. The lack of poor health led to a series of catastrophic events in my personal life as well,” Dimple Jangda tells Health Shots. Her struggles were made worse by an abusive marriage, which she feels she rushed into due to family pressure.

In the midst of the ups and downs of her life, she spent a lot of time exploring allopathy and Western medicine, looking for answers for her health issues. “The number of surgeries I had to go though and the number of medications I had to take in the form of drugs, steroids and antibiotics, was ridiculous. But none of it could give me the guarantee that I would not end up with the symptoms of the same disease ever again. That’s why I wanted to address the root cause of my problems. I found that in Ayurveda. It was an eye-opener. You can address the root cause of your disease using food, nutrition and yoga.”

Foods for good gut health

Dimple Jangda on becoming a gut health and Ayurveda coach

An investment banker by profession, Dimple started her clinic as a corporate social responsibility, in order to give back. However, she soon realised her mission in life. “I hired doctors and therapists to help the patients recover from diseases. But there was a gap between what the doctors communicated and the patients understood. I started doing my own research and started studying naturopathy. It allowed me to start designing diet plans for my patients. Following this, I spent six years doing research thesis on food chemistry and Ayurveda for daily life. That became the subjected of my PHD thesis in food chemistry. This is what allows me to share my knowledge about Ayurveda with other people,” she explains.

5 things about gut health Dimple Jangda wants you to know

Dimple Jangda’s Instagram page can be an interesting discovery of several Ayurveda tips and tricks to improve overall health. From skin health and digestion to hair care and diabetes – she suggests takeaways for one and all. In her book, Heal Your Gut, Mind and Emotions, Dimple specifically talks about how your gut is the centre of your body, the second brain; and the potential it has in curing a lot of health issues. She says she has simplified gut health with a five-point approach, covering the following key factors:

1. Energy clocks

Your energy clock is about breaking your day into six parts to boost productivity and make the most of your day. Dimple Jangda says doing this can help in pack in more than you can imagine in a day because you plan what you do and what you eat in advance. This will always be good for your gut health as it can keep unhealthy binge sessions away.

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2. The food pyramid

A food pyramid typically tells you how much of which food group to consume. This also tells you how to identify your unique body type, and what you must eat to keep your gut health in check.

3. Digestion period of food

Dimple Jangda believes that people need a deeper understanding of the digestion period of different food groups. This would help keep them away from mixing contradictory foods as that may cause digestive problems.

An apple with a bite mark.

4. Lifestyle

Did you know that eating with your hands, sitting down and drinking water are beneficial for health? There are simple and age-old remedies and detoxification rituals you can practice on a daily basis.

5. Understand your food chemistry

This helps us understand which combinations of food groups to eat and which combinations of foods to avoid which are poisonous and triggers diseases. Just by paying attention to the combination of food, you can prevent diseases.

What are the best and worst foods for gut health?

Every food is a good food. It’s the way you eat it that makes a difference, says Dimple Jangda. Stay away from packaged foods, foods that have preservative in it. Anything that has been grown on a farm; fruits, vegetables, pulses, legumes, nuts and seeds is fit for consumption and good gut health.

Are there any exercises that you can do for good gut health?

Gut is not a muscle that you can work out. Gut is a set of organs. Everything that contributes to digestion process is part of your gut health. So there is no one single exercise that you can do. Gut is your engine of your body. There is no quick fix or exercise. You should be consistent, asserts the expert.

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