Ayurveda and a plant-based diet helped me beat PCOS, says entrepreneur Vibha Harish

I went back to basics to keep my PCOS in check, says Vibha Harish, founder of CosMix.
PCOS isn’t as scary as people make it to be. Image courtesy: Vibha Harish
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 30 Oct 2023, 15:57 pm IST
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We generally tend to take those things for granted that are right before us. But for Vibha Harish, it has been the complete opposite. She has not just utilised the power of everyday things, but has also got her PCOS in check. That’s not all — she has also pledged to make many other young girls like her understand the true value of Ayurveda, and how it can cure PCOS. 

This 25-year-old young gun from Bengaluru had her first brush with PCOS, when she was in class 12. It all started with irregular periods. It was a really scary and difficult time for her, as there was hardly any awareness, unlike today. She had thought this disorder would have a major impact on her future, and it did, but only in a positive way.

Her family has always been a firm believer of ayurveda. Her mum is a homeopath, and has always believed in the power of nature. She gave the same advice to Vibha, and that’s how PCOS became a cakewalk for her.

Her personal experience motivated Vibha to turn entrepreneur, and start CosMix, a brand that offers holistic solutions for PCOS and other disorders.

I did the simplest of things to sort my PCOS woes, shares Vibha

“My mum was very reluctant of me taking steroids for my PCOS. So, she used to make these different concoctions with herbs like shavatri, ashwagandha, etc. and I used to consume them first thing in the morning,” she says.

Vibha adds, “Apart from this, I made some simple lifestyle changes, such as eating and sleeping on time, exercising, etc. I mean I chose the most basic of them all, and it hugely helped me. The major role was played by my diet though.”

Meet, Vibha Harish. Image Courtesy: Vibha Harish

Vibha mentions how she would research for hours on PCOS and its treatment, but all she used to get is half-baked information on the internet. This would really traumatise her, because she didn’t know what to believe and what to let go.

“I was amused to see how people are feeding on the problems of young girls. I saw many companies making money by tapping into the insecurities of girsl dealing with PCOS, and I find it just so wrong. Somewhere down the line I wanted to help those girls, who were consuming these products without even knowing the science behind it,” she shares.

Vibha continues, “It took almost a couple of years for the herbs to start showing their magic. My periods were in check, my skin improved, no acne, no weight gain – I mean all the PCOS-related problems weren tackled and how. My friend circle asked me to share my secret, and I happily did. That was the time I understood the power of herbs, and I thought that this can be one of the ways I can help out other Vibha’s out there. And that’s how CosMix was born.”  

Apart from offering holistic healthcare products, this brand has also built a community where girls can share their experiences – not just about PCOS, but everything.

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I truly believe in plant-based diet to deal with PCOS 

Well, for Vibha it was a tried-and-tested thing. She had realised the value of the herbs that she had been consuming, which made the belief rock-solid. 

“Herbs are actually loaded with micronutrients that our body craves for. I can say that now because in a few months from today, I will be a certified herbalist and I now understand the effect of a plant-based diet on our body. Also, I saw the impact on myself. I mean the simplest of herbs like turmeric or coriander that are readily available in our kitchens have some amazing benefits for our body. And I believe in them very strongly,” says Vibha

A piece of advice

“Firstly, I just want to say that we need to understand health holistically and should stop looking for quick fixes. Once that’s sorted, then may it be PCOS or other disorders, everything can be tackled. The fact of the matter is, our body doesn’t change overnight,” suggests Vibha. 

Vibha at work. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Here are a few tips recommended by Vibha, and she follows them all religiously: 

1. Always cleanse your gut. “If you have PCOS or thyroid and are dealing with acne or other skin-related issues, then the simplest solution is to keep your gut clean, instead of using some cream. Because this problem is not topical but deep rooted,” suggested Vibha.

2. Feed your body with brain-stimulating food. “This is basically for your mental well-being. I used to take brahmi, ashwagandha, and triphala and I still use these three in almost all of my products, because they are that good,” says Vibha.

3. Understanding the role that hormones play is also very important, so that you can treat it accordingly.

4. “Another very important thing is to stop believing in the philosophy of cutting food out, because the more you restrict your diet, the more your body will crave for it. A balanced diet is important,” she advises.

Also, watch:

5. Always stay hydrated.

6. Exercise is a must.

7. Reduce caffeine intake.

“I always start my day with a glass of water with lemon and honey. The other thing I do without fail is doing vajrasana after every meal, instead of going for a walk. It helps me a lot in digesting food super fast. Also, after waking up I do dump journaling for my mental peace. This helps me declutter and stay energised all day long,” shares Vibha, as she signs off.

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