Actress Pragya Jaiswal talks about mental health, celebrity status, and more

In an exclusive chat with Health Shots, Telugu actor Pragya Jaiswal bares it all about her celebrity status, physical and mental fitness, and how journaling has helped her become more positive!
Pragya Jaiswal
Pragya Jaiswal is a true advocate of physical and mental fitness. Image courtesy: Tejas Nerurrkar
Geetika Sachdev Published: 9 Apr 2021, 19:22 pm IST
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Being under the arclights is not as easy as it looks. Celebrities have to face immense pressures, and with the advent of social media, our access to them has only grown. While that’s a huge positive, it also brings with it a ton of challenges. There are some public figures who get heavily impacted by online bullying and trolling, while others like actor Pragya Jaiswal take it in their stride and move forward. 

Pragya has made the right noise in the world of Telugu cinema, and her Bollywood debut opposite superstar Salman Khan is much-awaited. Despite having garnered critical and commercial acclaim for her work, this beauty has her head firmly planted on the ground. She owes it to her relentless commitment to yoga and other fitness activities that have contributed to her calm demeanour. 

In an exclusive chat with Health Shots, Pragya spills the beans on how she deals with her celebrity status, strategies to keep her mental and physical health in check, and her idea of holistic wellness. 

On being a celebrity

Since they are always under the scanner, celebrities tend to feel the pressure a lot more. Whether it is dealing with the paparazzi or being recognised by fans, having a private life is a far-fetched dream. For Pragya, that’s not the case, because she loves what she does! 

“I have come to terms with it; it’s just a part and parcel of my job now. I am so grateful that I am able to do what I truly love, which is acting. So, everything that comes along with it is fine. I don’t think I really feel the pressure, because I feel like I am trying to be truly authentic and be who I am. And if you can truly be yourself all the time, I think that’s the best way to live your life and enjoy your work. That’s why I think I don’t really feel the pressure,” she adds. 

Pragya Jaiswal
Image courtesy: Pragya Jaiswal

Social media has brought fans closer to their favourite stars, but it has also perpetuated negativity in the form of trolling and online bullying. Fortunately, Pragya hasn’t been targeted as much by trolls. 

“I feel positive comments always outweigh the negatives, and I haven’t really paid attention to trolling. To be honest, it has never reached that level, where it impacts my mental health. That’s because I don’t take social media too seriously. It’s just a small part of my life; not my entire life. So, I just take it with a pinch of salt,” she says. 

Focus on physical and mental health

Pragya feels it has become increasingly important to take care of our physical and mental health, especially because of the kind of lives we live! As someone who is passionate about fitness, she makes it a point to take out time to squeeze in a workout.

“I love working out in the gym or doing yoga or dancing, so I make sure to do one of these things, every single day. That keeps me aligned and balanced, and mental health, I feel I have a great support system by my family and friends, and most of the time, I am surrounded by really positive people, so that keeps me happy and grounded, and centred. I feel this is my way of taking care of my physical and mental health,” she says.

Pragya is also a yoga fanatic, and believes it is not just an exercise but a ‘lifestyle’. It has contributed both to her physical and mental fitness, and she just can’t part away from it! 

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Pragya Jaiswal
Image courtesy: Pragya Jaiswal

“My relationship with yoga goes back a long way. I started doing yoga as a kid with my parents; so I think it’s a lifestyle for me. I have always felt the positive impact of yoga in my life. More than just being a fitness activity for your flexibility and agility, I feel it has a big role to play in your mental health. Personally, it helps me maintain my peace, keep calm and more aligned to my goals. It just keeps me so happy. I think yoga is magical,” she adds. 

A firm believer of holistic solutions

“I am someone who believes in holistic health solutions. I feel in today’s day and age, we have a very hectic lifestyle and stress is the root cause of most ailments. The most important thing to do right now is to truly live in the moment and be happy, it’s as simple as that, but I know it’s easier said than done,” says Pragya. 

She feels that writing a journal every single day has helped her become positive over the years. It might be really simple, yet it has had a huge impact on Pragya’s life. 

“It has become an important part of my daily routine; it helps me stay more happy, more grateful, and truly connected to myself and my goals. It is a small habit I have developed over the years, but it is an extremely powerful and effective tool. And if we can inculcate the habit of writing a journal every day, it can truly help us lead a better life, and be more healthy and happy,” she says, signing off.

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