Actress Lakshmi Manchu shares how meditation transformed her life

Lakshmi Manchu might be known for her acting prowess, but she’s also someone who is big on meditation and fitness. In an exclusive chat, the Telegu actress shares all about her journey, and much more.
Lakshmi Manchu
Lakshmi Manchu on living her best life. Image courtesy: Lakshmi Manchu
Geetika Sachdev Published: 20 Nov 2020, 16:40 pm IST
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Whether it’s films, television shows or web series—actor and producer Lakshmi Manchu has aced it all. An integral part of Telugu cinema and American television, she has appeared in several successful films and series, including Las Vegas (also her debut show) and Desperate Housewives, and has always impressed critics and audiences alike with her versatility. She’s also a television presenter, and we think there’s nothing that she can’t do!

Although she is the daughter of veteran actor Mohan Babu, she chose to carve her own niche in the industry, and today, she is one of the most bankable celebrities! 

Being under the arc lights might come naturally to her, but not many people know that meditation and fitness is what keeps her grounded. In an exclusive chat with Health Shots, she spills the beans on her journey with meditation, how she tackles her mental health, and what’s her mantra to lead a happy life. 

A true advocate of meditation

Lakshmi was only 19 when she began practicing meditation, and she feels it has completely transformed her life. Although she really doesn’t know how she ventured into that territory, she is glad it’s an integral part of her life today.

“I was very intrigued with the entire concept of vipassana. I had never heard of it, but as soon as I found out, I really wanted to experience it. I am grateful for the seed that was put in me, when I was young. I kept the practice going on and off, but I think I am more diligent with it than ever before. When you are curious, it just comes your way,” she adds. 

Today, there is no dearth of podcasts and videos for guided meditation, and Lakshmi feels that has really helped in a big way! She also feels her practice has gotten stronger during the lockdown, since most of us had “nowhere to go.”

“I do a mix of workouts to keep fit,” says Lakshmi Manchu

Fitness, too, features at the top of her list. But that’s also because she has to catch up with her daughter Nirvana’s energy levels! 

“I think it’s more about being active for me, and I realised it after my daughter was born. That’s also because I needed energy to be with her, no lethargy would work. And to match the energy, you need to keep your body young, supple and more vibrant. You can only do that through workouts. So, I play badminton, go for walks and hikes, or do weight training or functional yoga. I mix it up with what I feel like doing on that particular day,” she shares. 

Lakshmi Manchu
Lakshmi Manchu
Handling pressure on social media

Lakshmi has always been real and relatable, and her social media is testimony to that. She often gives a sneak peek into her life, and her fans just can’t have enough of it! 

I don’t deny that social media has put a lot of pressure, but it has also got us a lot closer to our fans. They can see who we are other than what we do on-screen. I also think it really depends on how much you are willing to take that pressure on you. Sometimes, I do feel pressured to put out something on particular days when you are shooting, but I try not to get stressed about those little things,” says Lakshmi

A word of advice

My advice to people who look up to me is to live your best life. If I through my freedom, joyfulness and willingness to live life to its fullest can inspire others, and contribute in any way, then I am sorted. Otherwise, who am I to give any advice to anybody,” says Lakshmi, signing off. 

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