Actor-influencer Sakshi Malik hated her body, but says yoga and dance changed her life!

Actress and fitness influencer Sakshi Malik says yoga and dance have helped to overcome various challenges, including weight issues, in her life.
Actor Sakshi Malik
Fitness influencer and actress Sakshi Malik had weight issues. Image courtesy: Sakshi Malik
Natalia Ningthoujam Published: 9 Dec 2023, 16:30 pm IST
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Bollywood buffs would recognise Sakshi Malik from the catchy song Bom Diggy Diggy from the 2018 movie Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety. Fitness enthusiasts active on social media would know her as the influencer who inspires people to sweat it out. While her seven million followers on Instagram would love to have a figure like hers, the 24-year-old fitness influencer and actress did not always love her body.

In an interview with Health Shots, Sakshi Malik, who has also featured in music videos — Veham and Mulaqaat, opens up on weight issues and the importance of yoga and dance in her life.

Sakshi Malik
Yoga and dance are important for Sakshi Malik. Image courtesy: Sakshi Malik

Q. After Bom Diggy Diggy, why did you take a long break?

Sakshi Malik: To be honest, I never expected Bom Diggy Diggy to be such a milestone in my career. I’m forever grateful for the way it happened, but since I was very new to the industry when the song happened, I was not prepared to take things from there. After its success, I wanted to take a break and focus on other aspects of my career. I wasn’t even sure about a career in the entertainment industry because my father is from IIT and has always wanted me to pursue my studies. I was still figuring things out and it was only during Covid-19 when I started exploring acting and realised how much I enjoyed it. Post-Covid, I took my acting skills more seriously and I did acting workshops with multiple acting coaches from the film industry. I’m glad that I didn’t take up any acting project before I got fully ready to emote in front of the camera.

Q. You have been staying fit through yoga and dance. How did they become important in your life?

Sakshi Malik: Yoga and dance have become an integral part of my life because they not only keep me physically fit, but also mentally and emotionally balanced. Yoga helps me to relax and de-stress, while dance allows me to express myself creatively. Both have helped me overcome various challenges in my life and have become a source of inspiration for many people. Shifting to a new city at such a young age wasn’t easy. I was always a pampered child at home so when I started living alone, it got quite challenging for me. I used to indulge in sweet foods quite frequently and even started emotional eating. I started feeling too self-conscious about my weight gain. I used to be self-critical and started hating my body. Somehow, I motivated myself to eat clean and get into fitness. While fitness helped me achieve my physical goals and get stronger, yoga and dance helped me stay calmer and get rid of my emotional eating. Dance makes me really happy and yoga keeps me centered. Meditation and yoga are the fuel for that inner glow and happiness.

Q. You inspire people to stay fit by posting workout videos. What is your exercise regime?

Sakshi Malik: I usually do a combination of cardio, strength training and yoga. Some of my favourite exercises include squats, lunges, push-ups, planks, burpees and mountain climbers. I also love doing yoga asanas like the warrior pose, tree pose and downward dog. I also do headstand every morning for 5 minutes without fail.

Q. What are the challenges of being an influencer?

Sakshi Malik: Being an influencer comes with its own set of challenges such as dealing with negative comments or criticism, managing your online presence and staying true to your brand values. It’s important to stay authentic to yourself while also being aware of the impact your content has on your followers.

Q. How does creating content for social media and checking comments, especially negative ones, affect your mental health?

Sakshi Malik: Creating content for social media can be overwhelming at times, especially when dealing with negative comments or criticism. It is essential to take breaks when needed and prioritise your mental health above everything else. I try to limit my social media usage and focus on other aspects of my life as well.

Q. Many fitness influencers also give tips when it comes to workout and staying fit. Why haven’t you tried your hand at it?

Sakshi Malik: While many fitness influencers do give tips on workout routines and staying fit, I prefer to focus on inspiring people through my journey rather than giving out specific instructions. Fitness is an essential part of my acting career and keeps me sane. That’s it. However, if there’s ever a demand for it, I’m open to exploring that avenue as well!

Sakshi Malik
Sakshi Malik has an advice for champions of sedentary lifestyle. Image courtesy: Sakshi Malik

Q. What advice would you like to give to someone who leads a sedentary lifestyle?

Sakshi Malik: If someone leads a sedentary lifestyle, my advice would be to start small and gradually build up your fitness routine. You can begin by taking short walks or doing simple exercises at home, like squats or lunges. You could also do Surya Namaskar every morning. Consistency is key, so make sure to set aside some time every day for physical activity.

Q. What are your upcoming projects?

Sakshi Malik: Apart from my upcoming OTT movie produced by Nikhil Advani, I have some exciting collaborations with the Telugu film industry.

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