Best air fryer: Top 6 picks to control your calorie intake!

Air fryers are the most compact and convenient cooking appliances for reducing the use of deep frying oil. Check out the best air fryers handpicked for you.
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Try the best air fryer to enjoy healthy and delicious meals. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Shruti Bhattacharya Updated: 15 Jul 2024, 10:15 am IST
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Air fryers are small gadgets that help you make oil food a little healthy. It is a quick and healthy dinner option. It uses hot air to prepare food, which results in crispy and tasty foods that require far less oil than typical frying methods. This makes them a fantastic choice for anyone trying to minimise their fat consumption without compromising their taste. Whether you are cooking for yourself or the whole family, these air fryers can help you produce a variety of foods quickly. The market is flooded with a lot of options. To help you select the best air fryer, here are some of the best air fryer options handpicked from the Amazon Prime Day Sale for you.

6 best air fryers for quick and healthy food

Check out the best air fryers that will keep your health safe:

1. Philips Digital Air Fryer

This air fryer from Philips comes with a touch panel intended for people who want to eat tasty meals with up to 90 percent less fat. Its rapid air technology allows you to cook without flipping your food. This multifunctional air fryer has a user-friendly touch screen, and 7 presets and also helps to keep your food warm. It is ideal for frying, baking, grilling, roasting, and reheating. The auto-shut-off mechanism ensures safety, and it is also dishwasher-safe.

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2. Agaro Alpha Digital Air Fryer

This air fryer comes with 6 cooking options that help you to fry, grill, and roast your favourite food. It also comes with adjustable temperature settings from 80 degree centigrade to 200 degree centigrade. This 4.5-litre capacity helps to cook food for small families quickly. Thus, making it ideal for small families and together. It has 1400 Watts of power which helps in fast and healthy cooking. It features 360 degree rapid hot air circulation technology which quickly disperses heated air in all directions. This helps you cook the food evenly with 90 percent less oil, preserving the crispy exterior texture and also comes with built-in overheat protection and auto shut-off function.

3. Lifelong Air Fryer

Lifelong Air Fryer for Home features hot air circulation technology at a consistent temperature and offers an oil-free cooking experience with up to 99% less oil. This air fryer for home boasts a convenient 2.5 litres capacity, making it ideal for 1-2 people to prepare fried and grilled appetizers, desserts, or baked food in just minutes. You can enjoy hassle-free cooking with a constant temperature setting of 180 degrees and a timer from 1 to 60 minutes. The air fryer base has a non-stick coating which ensures easy cleaning after each use, saving time and effort in the kitchen.

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4. Usha iChef Smart Air Fryer

Usha iChef Smart Air Fryer comes with a 4.5 litres capacity. It also features 10 menu presets that help in air-frying, baking, frying, roasting, grilling, reheating, defrosting, and warming the food. This one also features a digital display and touch panel, transparent glass for easy monitoring, illuminated chamber for a clear view. It has a non-stick food-grade bowl, a 1350-watt heating element, ensures 100 percent oil-free cooking, and features turbo air circulation.

5. Prestige Nutrifry Electric Digital Air Fryer

Prestige Nutrifry Electric Digital Air Fryer features a touch panel and digital display. Digital display provides cooking convenience with an adjustable time and temperature control feature. It has 8-preset cooking modes which help to air-fry, grill, bake, roast, toast, dehydrate, keep the food warm, and can help to reheat the food. It is a specially designed high-capacity frying basket with a non-stick coating that allows hot air circulation for even cooking.

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6. Pigeon Healthifry Digital Air Fryer

Pigeon Healthifry Digital Air Fryer comes with a 4.2-litre capacity and 1200W power. The powerful 1200W motor provides fast heating and consistent performance. This air fryer has 8 preset menus, allowing you to easily prepare a variety of dishes. The 360° high-speed air circulation promotes uniform cooking. Its digital display enables for easy mode selection and monitoring of cooking times and temperatures.

What are the benefits of air frying?

Here are some of the potential benefits of air frying.

1. Low-fat content: Air frying uses less oil, resulting in a lower fat content than deep frying.
2. Time-saving: Air fryers often cook meals faster than traditional techniques, making them a convenient solution for busy people.
3. Multifunctionality: Many air fryers include other activities such as baking, grilling, and roasting, making them multipurpose kitchen tools.
4. User-friendly: Air fryers are generally simple to use, with straightforward controls and minimal setup necessary.
5. Energy efficient: Air fryers can be more energy efficient than preheating an oven or using a hob for smaller foods.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the disadvantages of using an air fryer?

There is a limited amount of food you can cook with an air fryer at once. Air fryers may be inconvenient when cooking for large gatherings. Air-fried foods differ from deep-fried dishes in terms of sensory features.

2. Is it okay to use an air fryer every day?

If your current diet includes a lot of deep-fried foods, switching to an air fryer will help you cut back on your fat consumption. However, if your present diet does not include many fried items, it may not be advisable to start using it numerous times each day.

3. Do you have to wash your air fryer every day?

To keep the machine clear of debris and grease buildup, clean it after each or every few uses. When cooking in batches, try to remove any debris by allowing the machine to cool and carefully wiping it down with a paper towel in between operations.

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