World Sight Day: Only people with a 6/6 vision can pass this optical illusion test

Updated on:12 October 2021, 15:57pm IST

Do you need to visit an ophthalmologist? Well, you don’t need to answer us, because this quiz can reveal whether you must or not.

World sight day 2021
Test your sense of sight with this optical illusion quiz.

It’s World Sight Day people and we just can’t deny the fact that our eyes are one of the best sensory organs that God has given us. But looks like this tech-savvy world might sabotage this power of sight from us. Because frankly, we have surpassed all the levels of laziness, when it comes to taking care of them.

Not just adults but nowadays even young kids are glued to cell phone screens. And this screen time is not just deteriorating their mind, but it is also impacting their eyes in a big way.

You don’t have to go to any eye specialist, because Dr Sonia Bhalla, an ophthalmologist from Meddo Iris Inspiring Healthcare has devised this optical illusion quiz just for YOU.

And she claims that this one is not a cakewalk  –  only people with good vision can make it through.

So, now the question is – can you pass this tricky test?

There is only one way to find out.


Are the circles static or moving?


How many hidden black dots can you spot in the following image?


How many green circles can you spot in the image below?


Is this image moving?


What word would you use to describe this?


How many full circles do you see?


How many black dots are there in the image below?


How many colors do you see in this image?


Are the purple lines bent?