Are you a workaholic? Take this quiz and we’ll tell you if you’re addicted to work

Published on:8 October 2021, 13:49pm IST

Do you prefer working above almost everything? If so you may be a workaholic! Take this quiz and let us tell you

post-holiday blues
When someone overworks themselves, it can adversely affect their mental, physical, emotional, and personal life. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Hard work is essential for success, but is your hard work becoming your addiction? If you can relate to this, it is really important for you to pay attention to it. Reminder: addiction to anything is injurious to health! In fact, work addiction, known as workaholism, can affect your personal relationships and because of that, your mental and emotional well-being can go for a toss.

Workaholism is a thing, thanks to technology like smartphones, laptops, and other devices that have made working from anywhere, anytime, an opportunity for some.

Not to mention, ‘work from home’ has also increased the workaholism among people due to the ongoing pandemic. To top that, the ‘time is money’ attitude in some people compels them to continue working long hours after the official working hours. But remember, being dedicated and enjoying your job is different from developing a work addiction.

So ask yourself if you’re more than just a hard worker? Or you can take this quiz to find out.


What do you do after working hours are over?


Where do you eat lunch?


Do you always report first to work?


Do you work on weekends too?


Do you feel restless when you’re not at work?


Has overworking ever affected your relationship?


Do you compromise on your sleep for extra work?


Has work ever interfered with your health?


Do you check your work email every 10 minutes, even when you’re not at work?


You may be on vacation, but your mind is still back at the office.