Are you Miss Know-it-All when it comes to breastfeeding? Let’s test with this quiz

Updated on:3 August 2022, 21:23pm IST

World Breastfeeding Week is observed in the first week of August every year! Test your knowledge of the basics of breastfeeding and know the facts.

Breastfeeding tips for working women
Women who are already balancing their lives can be a great source of breastfeeding tips for working women. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Yes, nursing helps to strengthen the link between you and your baby as well as give your child nutrition. Additionally, it offers both of you a variety of health advantages. In fact, breastfeeding, sometimes known as “liquid gold,” is regarded as an elixir that is life-saving and life-sustaining for babies. However, despite its significance, there are many myths and misunderstandings about it.

So how much do you know about breastfeeding? Do you really know the benefits of breastfeeding for your baby?

Well, if you want answers to all these questions, give this quiz a shot and find out where you stand on breastfeeding knowledge.

This breastfeeding quiz is especially designed by Dr Vanshika Gupta Adukia, Founder of Therhappy and a Pregnancy, Childbirth, Lactation Specialist, and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, for Health Shots.

Let’s test your knowledge!


Breastfed babies can normally go on without passing stool for up to how many days?


Breastmilk should not be offered to the baby if the mother is unwell. Is it true?


Colostrum, the first milk produced by the body is:


Is it true that breastfed babies are at a reduced risk of developing issues such as obesity and infection?


How does one know if the baby is getting enough milk?


When should a breastfed baby be given solid food?


Can breastfeeding reduce the mother’s risk of developing conditions like ovarian cancer, osteoporosis, and endometriosis?


Should babies under 6 months be given water if they are breastfed?


How often does a newborn baby need a feed?


Is it normal for breastfeeding to be painful?