Wondering how good your mental health is? Take this test to find out

Published on:24 June 2020, 19:34pm IST

If you’ve been wanting to prioritise your mental health, start by taking this quiz.

Depression is a common mental health disorder associated with AIDS. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

From a bad relationship to an overwhelming job – anything can mess up with your mental peace. At times, we ignore our minor mood swings thinking that this too shall pass. And at times it does. But for some people, things keep piling on until they get stuck in a deeper rut. Therefore, looking after your mental health must be your first priority. 

To make matters worse, a study published in The Permanente Journal says that there is an urgent need to improve mental health scenarios in the world as people are moving towards addiction due to their poor mental health.

That’s why today we want to ask you, how are you really doing? Rather, how is your mental health doing?


How often do you eat junk food?


How often do you exercise?


Do you feel fresh after waking up?


How often do you drink alcohol?


Do you get angry often


When was the last time you cried?


How connected are you with your friends?


Do you get emotional after watching a movie?


Do you have disturbed sleep?


Do you often feel like giving up and doing nothing?


Do you often feel helpless?