Just how assertive are you when you communicate? Take this 2-minute quiz to find out

Published on:24 December 2021, 16:32pm IST

Communication matters! If you want to find out if you are assertive enough or not, take this quiz and know more.

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Being assertive in your communication is important to reach your goals. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Communication is the essence of a healthy zindagi! And a lack of communication can wreak havoc on your personal and professional relationships. Whether you are communicating in the workplace or with friends and family, assertiveness is an important element of communication. Have you ever struggled to get your point across in a clear but non-aggressive way? Or do you have a hard time communicating your needs? If so, assertive communication can be a useful tool for helping you balance your relationships with getting your own needs met. 

But being assertive can be hard if it doesn’t come naturally to you. It certainly isn’t an easy skill for everyone to obtain. Most of us aren’t confident enough and we get nervous voicing our opinions. But assertive communication requires confidence and definitely oodles of positive attitude.

Remember, assertive doesn’t mean aggressive. Assertive communication is when you confidently express your needs and opinion in a fair, honest, and calm way while considering the needs and views of other people. 

So, how truly assertive are you? If you don’t know, then take this quiz designed by Prachi Kohli, Counseling Psychologist at Kaleidoscope- a unit of Dr. Bakshi’s Healthcare, for HealthShots. 

Let’s get to know where you stand!


Do you find it difficult to say NO to people’s demands?


Do you find it tough to confront people?


Do you often lose your temper while communicating with others?


Do you find it difficult to convey a problem directly?


Do you find it difficult to criticize others?


Do you feel less confident about yourself when you defy other people?


Is your voice low and unclear when you communicate with others?


Is it hard for you to maintain eye contact while communicating with others?


Do you find it challenging to protect yourself in situations for which you are not accountable?