Azadi from constipation: Reveal your pooping habits and we’ll tell you how healthy your gut is

Updated on:10 August 2021, 05:10pm IST

Your pooping habits can determine how healthy your gut is. Take this quiz and we will tell you whether your gut health is on track or not.

cause of constipation
Take this quiz for the sake of your gut health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

If you spend most of your time in the loo, let us tell you are not alone. A study suggests that around 20% of women report chronic constipation. Yes, that’s absolutely true and your food habits and sedentary lifestyle are to be blamed. But there’s one thing that’s essential to remember; from your immunity, skin, heart, mental health, and hair – everything depends on your gut health.

Then how can we take it for granted? Well, we would suggest that you shouldn’t, because your poop can literally make or break your day. Isn’t it?

For this, you must know how your gut health is! And that’s why we have devised this quiz, especially for those who are suffering from pooping blues and are unable to rectify it. 

So, are you ready for the big reveal? Let’s begin!


How many poop breaks do you take in a day?


Have you found it hard to poop at times?


Do you experience blood in your poop?


Do you poop right after having a meal?


Do you experience pain while pooping?


How much time do you usually spend in the loo?


Do you take your phone in the loo?


What would you prefer – Indian style pot or western style pot?


Do you poop at a particular time or is it random?


Do you take laxatives?