We bet you’re practicing at least 5/9 of these environmental sins. Take this quiz to prove us wrong

Updated on:27 October 2021, 19:22pm IST

So you think you’re a green crusader? Well, this quiz will reveal all that and more.

world environment day
Are you really trying to save the environment? Then, take this quiz. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Health and environment go hand in hand. Take for instance, air pollution. The higher the levels of particulate matter in the air, the more you’re prone to respiratory diseases. The sad part is that there are only a few of us who are bothered about things like climate change or pollution. 

Here’s another bummer: Every day we indulge in a number of activities that not just impact the environment, but also wreak havoc on our health. 

That’s why today, we are challenging you to take this quiz and see how many activities you’re doing that are making our Mother Earth vulnerable. So, shall we?


Do you use plastic straws?


Do you use face scrubs for exfoliation?


Do you smoke


Do you use disposable sanitary napkins or tampons to manage your periods?


How often do you change your smartphone?


How many cups of coffee do you drink in a day?


How do you spend your free time?


How often do you eat chicken and/or meat?


How do you commute to work?