Want to say yes to yoga but confused where to begin? Then, take this quiz

Updated on:19 February 2020, 03:38pm IST

Doing it right is the way to go when it comes to yoga. And we have uber cool yoga asanas to help you out. Want to know which one is meant for you? Then take this quiz.

Want overall well-being? Then give yoga a shot. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

We have always been inspired by Bollywood celebs–their glowing skin and hourglass figure is stuff of dreams. And yoga has made it possible for them. 

If you also want to bring yoga into your life but are wondering if you can pull off those complicated asanas, then we’ve got news for you. 

There is no denying that yoga has its own share of benefits but there’s a flip side too. We all are well aware of the fact that to pull-off a yoga pose (even if it’s a fairly easy one) you need to have the technique in place.

And god forbid, if you topple or trip while posing then it can have repercussions as well. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies has also found that if you perform this art in an incorrect manner then the chances of you getting an injury increase by 10 times. 

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But it’s not all that bad as 74% of people who have participated in this research have also said that they were able to cure their existing muscle soreness. Basically, yoga does work but technique matters a lot.

Still wondering what yoga poses you should opt for. Don’t worry as we have got you a quiz that will help you decide.


Do you feel stiffness in your body?


Pick one – Flat belly or a better posture?


Does your lower back is becoming a pain in your a$$?


Is flexibility an issue for you?


Is menstrual irregularities creating a fuss in your life?


How long can you hold a plank?


Which body part would you like to tone?