This quiz will reveal just how likely you are to make your 2020 resolutions come true

Updated on:4 January 2020, 12:15pm IST

It’s easy to make a New Year’s resolution and much tougher to actually make it happen. Wondering whether or not you’ll be able to make yours come true? This quiz will help you out.

new year resolution
Will you be able to hit the bullseye with your New Year’s resolutions? Image courtesy: Shutterstock

New Year’s resolutions are brimming with hope of a new, better, and hopefully healthier you. But did you know that statistically only eight per cent of people actually achieve their resolutions? But hey, that shouldn’t come as a surprise right? After all, we tend to quickly lose steam when it comes to our resolve to make them happen.

Inclined to say that you’re not a part of that band? Certain that you’ll achieve all your resolutions in 2020? Well then, this quiz will tell you just how likely you are to make your New Year’s resolutions come true. Come on, give it a try:


How often do you think about the resolutions that you have taken?


Do you feel that you have set an unrealistic target?


How successful have you been in keeping your resolutions over the years?


What is the source of your motivation?


Are you making any extra efforts to reach your resolutions this year?


Do you have a plan of action to achieve your resolutions?


What if you fail in achieving your resolution?