How emotionally intelligent are you?

Updated on:22 March 2022, 21:40pm IST

Take this emotional intelligence test to find out how you fare in terms of managing your emotions.

emotional intelligence
Test your emotional intelligence! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Just as emotions are universal, the importance of emotional intelligence is as, if not more important. Being emotional is one thing. But being emotionally intelligent can be crucial to how you deal with the tussle between your head and heart at times, and in different situations.

According to experts, a high level of emotional intelligence can lead to better mental health, relationships, job satisfaction and more.

An emotionally intelligent person would ideally not just manage his or her emotions better, but of those around them too.

Go for this emotional intelligence test, compiled by Kashika Gulati, Counselling Psychologist and Holistic Healer at Dr Bakshi’s Healthcare, only for HealthShots.


Are you able to identify your emotions and name them?


Are you able to manage your emotions when you feel overwhelmed?


Are you able to resolve conflicts in a healthy way?


Are you able to understand other people’s emotions and give them their space when need be?


Are you able to work with others and respect their opinion?


Do you make decisions by weighing options, or are you driven by emotions?


Do you feel motivated to work through challenges?


Are you able to learn from criticism without feeling demotivated?


Are you able to take responsibility for your work without a blame game?


Do you realize that your behaviour can affect others?