How productive are you? Test your level with this quiz, and let us tell you

Updated on:17 September 2021, 08:23pm IST

Are you someone who tries to be a jack of all trades and a master of all too? You need to be up your productivity to ace that game!

Women and multitasking
Women are considered great multi-taskers. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

In these fast-paced times, do you often find yourself juggling between one task and another and more? And do you also try and be efficient at each of those tasks? Welcome to the world where productivity is a skill you cannot compromise on.

Have you ever thought about where you stand on that front? Here’s a quiz on productivity, designed by Prachi Kohli, Counselling Psychologist at Kaleidoscope- A unit of Dr. Bakshi’s Healthcare, for HealthShots.

Let’s get to know where you stand!


Are you able to concentrate well on a given task?


Are you able to perform as per your expectations?


Do you procrastinate a lot?


Do you find yourself doing careless mistakes in any given work?


Are you able to finish the work in the given timelines?


Do you find difficulty in starting a given task?


Do your thoughts wander while working?


Do you feel satisfied with the result of your work?


Do you find it difficult to pay attention and concentrate on any task in hand.


Do you feel motivated throughout the day?