Tell us your Diwali plans and we’ll reveal your risk of weight gain

Updated on:9 November 2023, 12:44pm IST

It’s the season of festivities and celebrations. But make sure your plans for Diwali 2020 are not leaving the door open for weight gain

diwali 2020
Will you gain weight this Diwali? Let’s find out. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Diwali calls for festivities, snacks and lots of sweets! And while enjoying the festival if you tend to forget about your health and calories, you may be at a huge risk of weight gain. 

If you have been working out and watching your weight, Diwali can spoil your best-laid plans. But fret not! This quiz can help you calculate your weight gain risk and take the necessary steps.


Are you throwing a Diwali party with lots of snacks and munchies?


Does it also include alcoholic beverages?


Do you have a workout plan in place for this week?


Are you planning to buy mithai for yourself and your family?


What does your Diwali meal look like?


Tell us your meal preferences