Tell us which kind of music you like and we’ll reveal your best quality

Published on:14 September 2020, 17:28pm IST

Your taste in music has a lot to say about you, if a study from the University of Cambridge is to be believed. Take this quiz and we’ll tell you just what that is.

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Keep your ear healthy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Music has been a part of our life since forever. Our favourite tunes can entertain us, but more than that they can very well lift our mood and make everything infinitely better. 

Did you know that your taste in music can say a lot about your personality? This, in fact, is proven by a research conducted at the University of Cambridge. This could partly be the reason why we feel an instant connection to those who have similar musical preferences. 

So, are you ready to decode what your choice in music reveals about you? Spend a minute answering these six questions, and we promise you’ll find out: 


Choose one genre out of the following:


Choose one artist to listen to out of the following:


Which musical instruments do you prefer the most?


Which of the following would you say is your go-to type of music?


Which decade had the best music?


What of the following playlists are you most likely to listen to: