Are you talking too much? Don’t miss this quiz to find out

Updated on:1 March 2024, 07:54pm IST

Are you guilty of talking too much? Excessive talking can be problematic sometimes. Take this quiz to find out if you tend to talk too much.

talk too much
Talking too much can sometimes be problematic! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Being a chatterbox or someone who talks excessively, is common behaviour among people. It means you talk more than you listen and you often make the conversation about yourself. This can cause problems because others might not get a chance to speak, and it can hinder effective communication. Many such people don’t even realise that they talk a lot unless someone reprimands them. Wondering if you talk too much? Take this quiz!

Health Shots has designed this quiz to help you know if you have a habit of talking too much. Go ahead and answer these questions!


How often do you find yourself dominating conversations?


What do you do when someone else is speaking?


How often do you catch yourself repeating stories?


What is the first thing you do when you get to work?


What do you do while you watch a movie?


Do you ever talk to yourself when alone?


Are you an introvert or an extrovert?


How often do you talk on the phone?


How often are you told that you talk too much?