Take this quiz to know if you’re the toxic one in your relationship

Updated on:1 July 2022, 18:26pm IST

Have you been a toxic partner? Well, we don’t think so. But why don’t you take this quiz to find out for yourself?

toxic partner
Take this quiz to know yourself better. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Often we hear people call out their partner as ‘toxic’. But do they self-introspect and think that they may have some pretty toxic flaws too? Relationships may fail and the reasons may vary. But, if you’re struggling to keep up with your current relationship, you really need to look at your own shortcomings because you can be a toxic partner too.

Health Shots got in touch with Natasha Bhatia, counseling psychologist, Fortis Hospital Mulund, who curated this quiz to give you a lowdown on how bad, mean or unfair you can be to your partner.


Do you respect boundaries established by your partner?


Do you let your partner do things as they please?


Do you trust your partner instead of being suspicious or jealous?


Do you give enough space and time to your partner?


Are you supportive of your partner and his/her needs?


Do you take responsibility for how you feel or hold your partner accountable for it?


Do you consider yourself an equal and not the superior one in the relationship?


You’ve never been verbally, emotionally and physically abusive towards your partner?


Do you have healthy communication with your partner?


Do you empathize with your partner and don’t disregard his/her experiences?