New Year party? Take this quiz to see how likely you are to have a hangover

Updated on:29 December 2023, 23:44pm IST

It’s New Year’s Eve, which means it's party time tonight and hangover day tomorrow. However, if you'd rather not spend the first day of the New Year in a hazy blur, take this quiz to know how likely you are to be hangover.

Take it slow girl, if you don’t want to be hungover. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Is your New Year’s celebration in full swing? Perhaps you’re hosting a lively gathering or making plans to attend one. However, social gatherings go beyond mere chatting and dancing. Alcohol is generally the star of a party, something that we may tend to overindulge in at times. Ever wondered about the aftermath? The next day can bring about the classic symptoms of a hangover—nausea and a pounding headache. If you wish to avoid the unpleasant consequences, take this quiz to assess your hangover likelihood in advance and ensure a delightful start to the New Year!


How do you plan to maintain hydration?


Are you a fan of pairing desserts with your drinks?


What are your dinner plans after an evening of drinking?


Do you prefer a touch of lemon in your drink?


Cola or water — how do you take your drink?


Do you eat before indulging in drinks?


How long do you typically nurse a drink?


Do you frequently mix your drinks?


How many drinks do you usually consume in an hour?