Take this quiz and we will tell you which tea you must sip on right now

Updated on:31 January 2020, 19:06pm IST

There is a tea for every mood, every reason, and every season. Wondering which is best for you, take this quiz and all will be revealed.

tea quiz
There’s a tea for every mood. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Tete-a-tete with a cup of tea is all you need if you have had a rough day. And it goes without saying that we Indians are in love with our chai. Except, cutting chai and its cousins are not the only options out there for us tea lovers anymore. 

From black and green tea to even white ones–we’re spoiled for options. And each has its own benefits. Green tea variants can boost your metabolism, while ginger tea with a pinch of black pepper can keep you warm in the winter. 

Let’s not forget fusion teas, where herbs and flowers come together to rejuvenate our senses and also give you health benefits like glowing skin, better heart health, and more.

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In fact, studies have also found that phytochemicals in tea like flavonoids, tannins, and polyphenols help boost your mood, skin, as well as your mental well-being. 

Thinking which one is right for you? Well, let us help you. Tell us how your mood is right now and we’ll tell you which tea you must sip on.


Do you feel like punching someone right now?


How easily do you fall asleep


Do you panic easily?


Do you feel like crying?


Are you eating more than you normally do


How tired are you right now?