Is your monsoon immunity weak? Take this quiz to know

Updated on:12 August 2023, 12:27pm IST

Our immunity during monsoon season goes for a toss! All thanks to humid weather, an increased risk of infections, and a lack of hygiene. Take this quiz to find out if your immune system is at risk or not.

weak immunity
Keep a check on your immunity during monsoon. Image courtesy: Adobe stock

Monsoon season can potentially impact immunity due to higher humidity and increased susceptibility to infections. Factors like dampness and stagnant water provide breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. While not everyone’s immunity weakens, some might be more vulnerable. If you are unsure about your susceptibility this season, take this quiz especially designed by Health Shots to gauge if your immunity could be impacted in monsoon.


Do you frequently suffer from colds, coughs, or flu during the monsoon?


Are you more susceptible to skin infections like fungal rashes during this season?


Do you feel fatigued and low on energy more often when it’s raining?


Are you less likely to consume a balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables in the monsoon?


Do you find it difficult to maintain proper hygiene due to dampness and humidity?


Are you generally more sensitive to changes in weather conditions?


Does your digestion tend to get disrupted during the rainy season?


Do you often avoid outdoor activities and exercise due to the rain?