Are you experiencing stress or burnout? Take this quiz to find out

Updated on:19 October 2023, 06:24pm IST

Stress is common among people nowadays. This may lead to burnout. If you are confused about whether you are stressed or suffering from burnout, take this quiz t

sings of mental exhaustion
Spot the difference between stress and burnout. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Stress and burnout are two common experiences that can impact your physical and mental health. But people get confused and use these two terms interchangeably. However, stress and burnout are different conditions. In order to understand, it is essential to recognise the signs and symptoms of each problem. Take this Health Shots quiz to determine if you’re currently dealing with stress or if you might be experiencing burnout.

Ready? Go ahead and answer these questions!


How often do you find it difficult to relax and unwind?


How’s your sleep quality lately?


Do you feel emotionally drained or exhausted?


Are you experiencing physical symptoms like headaches, muscle tension, or stomach problems?


How’s your motivation for work or daily tasks?


Do you find it challenging to concentrate or make decisions?


Are you becoming increasingly cynical or detached from your responsibilities?


How often do you think about quitting your job or escaping your current situation?


Do you feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from your work or daily activities?


Have you noticed changes in your social life or relationships due to your feelings of stress or exhaustion?