Suffering from stress? Answer these 15 questions to find out

Updated on:19 April 2022, 06:44pm IST

If you're juggling millions of thoughts at a time, you might be dealing with stress and anxiety. Take this quiz to find out

stress quiz
Are you squeezing under stress? Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Whether you are going to work or working from home, the Covid-19 pandemic has probably changed the way you work. Fear and anxiety about this new disease and other strong emotions can be overwhelming. To add to that, workplace stress and anxiety can lead to burnout.

Apart from readjusting to work post the pandemic, travel time, juggling with tasks in our personal lives as well as completing professional tasks, could get overwhelming.

Going back to the office is not the only challenge the employees are facing. The upheaval in the economic status of the industry during the pandemic has also put a lot of employees under pressure, leaving a considerable impact on their mental health.

Mrudula Joshi, Psychologist, Mpower Cell on Corporate Stress, has developed this quiz especially for Health Shots, to help you identify if you’re suffering from stress and anxiety.

So go ahead, test yourself and select the options that best describe your state of mind.


Do you feel tense more often?


Is it difficult for you to concentrate on tasks?


Do you feel irritated most of the time?


Do you feel that you have little or no control over what’s happening in your life?


Do you have trouble getting enough deep sleep?


Is it difficult for you to cope with situations around you?


Are you slowly losing interest in other enjoyable activities?


Have your physical complaints/pain increased lately?


Do you get flooded with thoughts most of the time?


Are you mostly nervous and anxious?


Do you experience tiredness and fatigue?


Do you feel that you have lost the capacity to work?


Do you ignore diet and healthy eating habits?


Do you feel agitated?


Do you feel restless?