Is your child anxious about ‘back to school’ time? Take this quiz to find out

Updated on:4 April 2022, 21:40pm IST

The return to school after the pandemic could trigger school related anxiety in children. Take this quiz to find out if your kid is also facing it.

dehydration and children
Summer-time may be exhausting for your child. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

School is a place that provides varied opportunities for development, exposure to new experiences, and a platform to build friendships and relationships – all that boosts self-esteem and a sense of achievement in children. It is, however, completely normal for children to feel worried about aspects of school like the pressure of performance in examinations, the presence of authority, the expectation of being disciplined, being liked by friends, etc. Though most children enjoy going to school, some of them may find it challenging and distressing. What about your kid? Is he or she facing school related anxiety?

Going back to school can be stressful, especially for kids living through the Covid-19 pandemic and returning to the classroom. In fact, school related anxiety can result in the child being reluctant to go to school which hinders opportunities for growth and can have an impact on the overall wellbeing of the child and that’s why it is important to recognise and work upon with a mental health professional.

If you have also been wondering whether your child is going through school-related anxiety, take this quiz! It is especially designed by Nazneen Chunawala, counselling psychologist, Mpower Outreach, who comes with 15 years of experience in the field.

Help your child at the right time!


Is it an everyday struggle for you to wake your child up and get them to go to school?


Does your child make excuses for not going to school?


Are you seeing fluctuations in your child’s behaviour at home?


Does your child complain of stomach ache, headache or being sick while going to school?


Do you see a decline in academic grades and avoidance of school work?


Does your child insist that only you drop him/her to school?


Does your child express reluctance to go to school, especially after a gap?


Have you noticed your child wetting the bed, nail biting, and fumbling more than usual?


Does your child complain about not having friends at school?


Do you also find it hard to convince your child to go school during exam time?