Is your relationship affecting your mental health? Try this quiz

Published on:11 June 2024, 15:15pm IST

Are you struggling with your mental health and think your relationship may be the cause? Take this quiz to find out if problems in your relationship are affecting your mental health.

relationship and mental health
Prioritise your mental health! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Some people in our lives support us and make us happy. However, there can also be people who emotionally drain us over time. When relationships become unhealthy, it can be problematic as it can take a toll on our mental health. A stable marriage or relationship can help you thrive and protect you against mental health issues like stress and depression. On the other hand, an unhealthy relationship can significantly worsen your mental health. Hence, it is essential to recognise the signs and symptoms that your relationship may be negatively affecting you. By being aware, you can take steps to protect your mental well-being and maintain a healthy, supportive connection.

So, if you are also not sure if your unhealthy relationship is the cause of your poor mental health, take this Health Shots quiz.


How do you feel after spending time with your partner?


How often do you communicate your feelings openly with your partner?


Do you think your partner criticizes you?


Are you able to be independent in your relationship?


Do conflicts or arguments in your relationship bother you a lot?


Do you feel valued and appreciated by your partner?


Is your partner emotionally available and supportive during challenging times?


Overall, how would you judge your relationship?