How to tell if someone is a pathological liar? Take this quiz to find out

Updated on:21 January 2024, 12:33pm IST

Pathological lying is not a mental illness, but it may cause distress in both personal and professional lives. Take this quiz to find out if your partner or friend is a pathological liar.

pathological liar
It can be difficult to deal with a pathological liar. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

A pathological liar is someone who tells a lot of lies for no clear reason or personal gain without feeling guilty. When you’re in a relationship with such a person, it can be tough. Imagine not being sure if what they say is true. Trust, which is crucial in relationships, starts to break. It can make you feel confused and hurt because you never really know what’s going on. Communication becomes hard because you’re not sure if they’re being honest.

To deal with a partner or anyone who is a pathological liar requires understanding, setting boundaries, and sometimes getting help from professionals to figure out why they lie so much. In case, you are not sure if your partner or anyone whom you are doubting is a pathological liar or not, take this quiz.


Does your partner tell you in detail about their daily activities?


Does your partner avoid making eye contact?


When confronted with challenging questions or situations, how does your partner typically react?


Does your partner make promises or commitments and keep them?


Have you ever felt restlessness or nervousness in your partner while talking?


How does your partner react to being caught in a lie?


How often do you catch your partner in inconsistencies between their words and actions?


Does your partner claim not to remember things properly?