Test your Nutrition IQ: How well do you know nutrition?

Published on:26 August 2023, 06:12pm IST

You may know what nutrition is, but how well do you know about it? Answer the 10 questions and test your nutrition knowledge this National Nutrition Week!

Nutrition Quiz
Take this Nutrition Quiz!

Nutrition—the food that you eat—is vital for our well-being because it impacts our physical health, mental clarity and overall vitality. However, with busy schedules, many people rarely pay attention to their daily nutrition intake. This, in the long term, can lead to nutrient deficiencies, which can lead to several health issues such as arthritis, anemia, hair loss, chronic fatigue and many more. To raise awareness about the importance of healthy eating habits and making informed dietary choices, National Nutrition Week is celebrated every year.

But how well do you truly know about nutrition? Take this quiz, especially prepared by Health Shots. By taking this quiz, you will not only test your knowledge but also gain valuable insights into nutrition and how it plays a role in your overall health.


What is the main nutrient responsible for providing energy to the body?


Which nutrient is essential for building and repairing tissues in the body?


What is the recommended daily intake of water for an average adult?


Which vitamin is commonly found in citrus fruits and is known for its role in boosting the immune system?


Which mineral is crucial for maintaining healthy bones and teeth?


What is the term for a unit of measurement for energy provided by food?


Which type of fat is considered good for heart health and is found in foods like avocados and nuts?


How many essential amino acids are there that the body cannot produce on its own?


Which of the following foods is a good source of dietary fiber?


What is the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables for a healthy diet?