Not feeling your best? Hormonal imbalance might be to blame. Take this quiz to double check

Updated on:16 January 2020, 19:51pm IST

Fluctuating hormones can have major repercussions. At times, we aren’t vigilant enough to witness the changes. But this quiz can help you find whether your hormones are troublemakers.

Hormones can affect mood
Hormones can affect mood. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Come puberty, hormones get behind the steering wheel of your life. There are days when you are totally whacked by the rush of hormones. In fact, sudden changes in your weight, mood, skin, and hair can be caused by hormonal balance–and you’ll be shocked to know that even infertility can be caused by these bad boys.

But the bitter truth is that almost half of us don’t even know that an hormonal imbalance is happening inside our bodies. Until and unless there are some major chemical lochas happening in the body–like MIA periods, we don’t even realise that our hormones have gone haywire.

So, what can you do? And how can you figure out whether or not you’re suffering at the hand of a hormonal imbalance? Well, how about taking this quiz?

Disclaimer: The results of this quiz are just indicative. If you have been noticing changes in your body like hair loss, impaired menstrual cycle and more–please consult with a doctor.


Is bloating not leaving your alone?


Is your digestion out of whack?


Do you always have cold hands and feet?


Is brain fog clogging your memory?


Are your ravenous food cravings getting the best of you?


Are acne breakouts adding to your misery?


Even a good night’s sleep not helping you feel energetic?


Are irregular periods whacking you out?


Do you often feel low and break down at the slightest incident?