Are your mood swings mental or hormonal? Take this quiz to find out

Updated on:20 November 2023, 10:40am IST

Do you find it difficult to differentiate between mental mood swings and hormonal mood swings? Take this quiz to find out the cause of your mood fluctuations.

Take this quiz on mood swings
Take this quiz on mood swings. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Mood swings can make us yell at anyone for literally no valid reason. It can be perplexing and be triggered by myriad factors. Mostly, it could be related to your mental state or hormonal imbalance. Mental mood swings, often rooted in psychological factors, can become significant challenges, impacting daily life and relationships. On the other hand, hormonal mood swings, driven by physiological changes, present another set of challenges, affecting both men and women. If you are also going through the same thing but are confused about whether it is mental or hormonal mood swings, take this quiz to find out.


What triggers your mood swings the most?


How intense are your mood swings?


Have you also noticed any physical symptoms, such as fatigue or irritability?


Do your mood swings follow a pattern?


Can you identify external factors that influence your moods?


How quickly do your mood changes occur?


Is shift in your mood affecting your ability function daily?